Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dawning of a New Decade

As 2009 draws to a close, I must pause to thank everyone for a great year. Although it has been challenging with Sweet Mama's illness, the hospitals, doctors and tests, she is on the road to recovery! My Etsy shop has done very well thanks to all of you! It has almost been a year and I have sold 381. I am so grateful! With all the ups and down of this year, it has been a blessing that I didn't have to go to a real job every day. I could be here for mom and deal with her day to day events. So thank you Etsy and all of you !
So as the sun prepares to rise soon, and the new decade begins, here's to a wonderful new year! I hope it is a healthy and happy one!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I know I did. Opening presents, eating good food and spending time with the ones you love. It doesn't get any better than that!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remembering Dora

Dora was put to sleep yesterday. She was the 13 year old cat of my sister's family. Adopted by Red and my niece Precious as a early birthday present, Precious named her Dora because she was so Adorable. Dora was a little thing. She never weight more that 6 or 7 pounds. But her attitude was enormous! She thought she was going to be an "only" pet but my brother-in-law was a police officer(retired) who loves dogs. There were family dogs, drug dogs and even a fancy k-9 attack dog..but Dora stood her ground and put every dog in its place. Not to mention small children and a few vets. This was HER house and she was Queen...and if you forgot she was quick to let everyone know. Outwit...outlast...outplay..she was the Ultimate Survivor. Some might have called her hateful, evil, mean, and frightening, but she also was a lover in her own way. I kept her for a month one summer when her family went to Italy. It took her a few weeks to warm up to me but by the time Red's family got back she was sitting in my lap. Although when I later came over to visit she hissed. But she always rememberd me when I took care of her during the other family trips. She was basically a one person cat...Red's. In the last year she became very ill and spent a lot of time at the vet's. Sadly the time had come yesterday...she was down to 4 pounds and confused. The vet had told us that she would never get any better but maybe meds could help. They didn't.
We will love and miss her... for she was one-of-a-kind feline.
♥RIP Dora♥

Friday, December 18, 2009

What a Great Season!

Have you heard a funny sound lately? It would be my fingers to the bone! I have had over 70 sales since December 1st! Fabric has been flying and the scissors chopping. I think only Santa's workshop has been busier...I even had to pull Red and Skippy into the mix for Post Office runs. But I am so grateful to all my fans and customers this season! Thanks to all who have purchased and helped me to pay the mortgage and bills! It has so been worth the late nights and lack of year I will be a little more prepared now that I know who the busy season works! So I promise not to be so neglectful of this little blog..but now I need to get Christmas shopping!! Isn't Christmas a week away?!!