Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Back and with new items!

Hi friends! I am back!! I have had problems (and not much time) to figure out blogger since it changed at the first of the year... Yes I know, it was at the first of the year... But I  have been busy!!

I have added two new items! Napkins and Girl on the Go pouches. The napkins have been a big hit. I am currently making 160 napkins for a customer in New Hampshire for her wedding next year! This is what she chose... cute right?!!
Here are some more!

Now for some Girl on the Go pouches!! They are so handy. Perfect for all those little things that fall to the bottom of you purse!


Too Cute!! I am adding more everyday! There are also baby ones for your baby bag...girl and boy! Check out my shop for more here
Thanks for coming back! I promise to be back with more post soon!!