Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogger Changes...really???

Hi Friends!
I am having a hard time posting since they have changed Blogger! For some reason it no longer supports my browser...Hopeful I will figure it out soon! Any tips will be appreciated!!!
Until then please keep checking my shop as I am adding new items all the time! The latest is Crochet 100% cotton Dish Cloths! I would add a picture but... :( Here is the link (I think) never mind....sigh.... http://www.etsy/listing/100827311 maybe this worked. They are really cute...believe me... also coming in different colors!!
 More news...Skippy graduated from High School Friday night! (I would add a picture...but you know...) He and his family are moving back to Savannah and leaving us! He will go to college down there like his sister. Now we are trying to get the house ready to sell and packed up for the movers. Never a dull moment here!
More later when I figure this out.....

Have a great day...or week...!