Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dawning of a New Decade

As 2009 draws to a close, I must pause to thank everyone for a great year. Although it has been challenging with Sweet Mama's illness, the hospitals, doctors and tests, she is on the road to recovery! My Etsy shop has done very well thanks to all of you! It has almost been a year and I have sold 381. I am so grateful! With all the ups and down of this year, it has been a blessing that I didn't have to go to a real job every day. I could be here for mom and deal with her day to day events. So thank you Etsy and all of you !
So as the sun prepares to rise soon, and the new decade begins, here's to a wonderful new year! I hope it is a healthy and happy one!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I know I did. Opening presents, eating good food and spending time with the ones you love. It doesn't get any better than that!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remembering Dora

Dora was put to sleep yesterday. She was the 13 year old cat of my sister's family. Adopted by Red and my niece Precious as a early birthday present, Precious named her Dora because she was so Adorable. Dora was a little thing. She never weight more that 6 or 7 pounds. But her attitude was enormous! She thought she was going to be an "only" pet but my brother-in-law was a police officer(retired) who loves dogs. There were family dogs, drug dogs and even a fancy k-9 attack dog..but Dora stood her ground and put every dog in its place. Not to mention small children and a few vets. This was HER house and she was Queen...and if you forgot she was quick to let everyone know. Outwit...outlast...outplay..she was the Ultimate Survivor. Some might have called her hateful, evil, mean, and frightening, but she also was a lover in her own way. I kept her for a month one summer when her family went to Italy. It took her a few weeks to warm up to me but by the time Red's family got back she was sitting in my lap. Although when I later came over to visit she hissed. But she always rememberd me when I took care of her during the other family trips. She was basically a one person cat...Red's. In the last year she became very ill and spent a lot of time at the vet's. Sadly the time had come yesterday...she was down to 4 pounds and confused. The vet had told us that she would never get any better but maybe meds could help. They didn't.
We will love and miss her... for she was one-of-a-kind feline.
♥RIP Dora♥

Friday, December 18, 2009

What a Great Season!

Have you heard a funny sound lately? It would be my fingers to the bone! I have had over 70 sales since December 1st! Fabric has been flying and the scissors chopping. I think only Santa's workshop has been busier...I even had to pull Red and Skippy into the mix for Post Office runs. But I am so grateful to all my fans and customers this season! Thanks to all who have purchased and helped me to pay the mortgage and bills! It has so been worth the late nights and lack of year I will be a little more prepared now that I know who the busy season works! So I promise not to be so neglectful of this little blog..but now I need to get Christmas shopping!! Isn't Christmas a week away?!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Days!

Busy days here at the workroom! Skippy was here last week helping out! Printing out thank you notes, business cards, hang tags and trips to the post office. I have had a lot of custom ones too! Not quite sure what CyberMonday will bring. Check out my shop..I have FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US.

Hopefully I will be ready...will you?!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Coastal Condo

My condo in Savannah is for rent again! The current renters are moving soon and that means it is available again!

Ideally located between Historic Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Beach, my condo offers seclusion and relaxation on beautiful Wilmington Island. It has two bedrooms/2 baths with a spacious open plan living room and dining room. The kitchen has a great pantry! There is also washer/dryer hookups! Plenty of storage with a walk-in closet in the Master plus an outside storage closet on the large screened-in porch...just steps away from the pool! Located in a great neighborhood with plenty of space for walking, jogging or biking!

Call Cathy at Southcoast Properties (912) 355-9223 for more about a viewing? Just mention Bull River Bluff! You will love the quiet, safe and convenient island living!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was very busy here in Middle Georgia! I ran out of candy at 7:30! When I was young we had a lot of people trick or treating...I can remember the street was full. But we were never taken by car to another neighborhood. If we wanted to go we walked. But is the weirdest thing. They put kids in open trailers hooked up to the back of their trucks and cart them into the neighborhoods. You would think I lived it the country, but no, this is a nice size town! I had 5 big bags of candy...gone in an hour! Amazing..

But the good news it that... I had my 200th sale in the shop last night!! Can you believe it? I only reached 100 in August and two months later 200!! Yea!!! Here is the 2ooth!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Real Simple Cookie Recipe!

One of the blogs I am following is Eat at Bett's! It is a great little blog with lots of recipes! This is the one that was posted today. It's for very simple cookies...from a cake mix! If I had time I would try it.... Why don't you and let me know how they turn out!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beau Update

Here is the latest update on Beau! When I took him to the vet Friday before last I was told that he needed to have his teeth cleaned. He has Gingivitis and because of the plaque one of his teeth was loose and probably needed to be pulled! Bella had to have her teeth cleaned a few years back and she did fine so I figured it was good for Beau to have his done too. I took him early Tuesday morning and left him for the day. He had 4 days of Prozac...

When I picked him up I had to meet with the vet to discussed his treatment. He had to have 2 teeth pulled because the roots had degraded and he has antibiotics he has to take twice a day but no Prozac for now! He was acting strangely in his carrier while we were at the vet...kinda bobbin and ducking, like a prizefighter. After arriving home, I took him out of the carrier and his back end would not work. He just pulled himself forward with his front paws. Not really over the anesthesia!

He hid under the bed all evening and night not eating or drinking. That lasted through the next day. When he walked around the house he was limping...sad. They gave him a shot in his leg to put him too sleep..but because of the Prozac he had to have a little more so that meant 2 shots!

Wednesday he seemed to be a little better. I let him out on the screen porch with Bella in the evening and next thing I know....I was breaking up a cat fight! He had turned on Bell, who have flattened herself on the floor.

Now keep in mind they are best friends! They sleep together, eat together, play and just hang out all day. This was very upsetting to Bella and me! So I separated everybody and put him in my room...where he promptly got under the bed! When I woke up the next morning, Thursday, he was standing by the back door ready to go out on the porch again! He still was not eating or drinking...that I could tell. But by Friday morning he seemed to be even better and decided to have a snack! Now he is just slightly limping.

So as you can see, it has been very busy around here! Every day he is getting better and is just taking a while! Hopefully he will be cured by Monday! Maybe then he will have forgotten about peeing on everything and will not need the Prozac!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hoping this one works!!

Took Beau to the vet today! He had to have his checkup and get his shots. While he was there we discussed the issues he has been having... By the way, did I tell you I am sooo tired?

He has been waking me up for a week or more now at 4:30 or 4:45 ....every single day! He will pee on something at that time of day so I try to hold him off until 6:30 or 7:00. That means trying to sleep with the light on...which does not work! It does calm him down for a while but not too long. So I get up and get to work. Good thing my "office" is in the kitchen! I cut out aprons and surf the web, trying to be quiet as to not wake up Sweet Mama. But most of the time, she is up by 7:30.

So the vet and I discussed meds for him. and he has been prescribed Prozac!!! Yay!! I am hoping that this is the magic pill for him and it will end the spraying! I am so tired of cleaning up pee by dawn's early light. Tonight I am giving him his first pill...Hopefully I can sleep until 8. That would make for a great day!! Please, please work! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Baby has Issues

This is Beau...the Baby! He is 5 (or 6 or so). He showed up on my front porch in 2004. Bella (she was 2 at the time) said she LOVED him and we must keep him. So we asked around and no one claimed him so we kept him. Then he had a few little operations and is here to stay! Very sweet! Loves Bella! Is a lap cat! Very playful! Chatty! Needy! Has issues!!

He has been fixed but he sprays...lots of cats in the neighborhood. Bella likes to make new friends but he is a bit jealous... I have taken him to the vet and put him on some kind of medicine but it does not work...just makes him dopey. I don't want to drug him but the meds that he was given put him in a coma and wears off just in time for dawn and the peeing begins again! I read here online that vets now recommend Prozac...anybody heard about that?

He is so loving and sweet ...just has this one problem. I can't keep covering every piece of furniture in tinfoil...Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Friends!

I though I had seen it all but this is what I found when I went out on the porch this afternoon! We were SHARING! This does happen but not very often! It is the first time it has happened with the new perch! Usually the perch belong to the one who gets there first but not today! Just wanted to share with you this big event!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Road to Shellman

Sweet Mama and I went on a field trip yesterday to Shellman, Ga. For those of you who don't know where that is, it is in the southwestern part of the state...a tiny little farm town. We were on a journey to see Sweet Mama's grandparents. This was where they were born and are buried. It is a small rural church cemetery on the outskirts of Shellman. It was a nice drive down with her brother and sister-in-law. He likes to go the backroads so we took the road less travelled. He had been there before but not Sweet Mama! He is six years older than her, so he filled us in with family facts.
I took some pictures for Red. She is out of town visiting Precious in college. Red is doing some genealogy research, so I took some pictures of the plots for her. Sweet Mama's mother and father were the youngest of their siblings. Her father was born in1899. So by the time Sweet Mama was born in 1936, folks had begun to die. Her grandfather died in 1928..her grandmother, whom she did know, in 1954. As for the others in the plot...we don't know how they are related. Red has lots of work to do!
FYI....In southwest Ga...lots of gnats! I was trying to write down information while literally being swarmed with gnats! Tons of them. I looked at my arm at one point and it was covered! I hope I got all the info that was needed...but who knows. You would have though something was wrong with me the way I was swatting and hopping around. Quite a site! I guess we will be back in cooler then the gnats will be gone...hopefully!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Personal Space

Bruiser has gotten a new brother! Bruiser, as you all remember, is my brother LB's new old dog. He is a long-haired chihuahua that he and his fiance adopted a few months ago. Bruiser was the baby until the fiance's parents moved to a retirement community in large dogs allowed. So guess who moved in...Sam! He is a medium-size lab mix. He is 4, Bruiser is 7 or 8. There have been some touchy moments, like the one above!

But Bruiser is the top dog, and don't you forget's just that Sam needs a little reminder from time to time! But he's learning!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain Drops

A rainy day.... It has been threatening for a week to rain... Finally today it did and it still is raining... I still had to run errands today and go to the post office... and I sold three aprons! A good day no matter the weather!

No Squirrley has been sighted in the past few days. Been waiting but nothing...just some nibbles when I wasn't looking. Hope the Squirrellog doesn't wash away with all this rain.. ya know, it is made with corn flour...

Supposed to be like this through the weekend... must naps...I am not tired..(sigh). I am going to make some new aprons for the shop, I hope. Just wish for a little sunshine to take the pictures!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Squirrely...eats again!

When we last left Squirrely...He was enjoying a new dish... a Squirrel log! Well, he ate it all and there was nothing left. Thus began my quest... to the pet store to find more! Once inside the store it became quite a dilemma to find an associate who worked there...come on people..a little customer service would be nice! I had brought Sweet Mama with me on a field trip, thought a little trip on would be a good change of pace... After dragging her up and down the aisles we finally got some a guy on his first day! He was clueless, poor guy, and everyone he asked was exasperated. Finally we all found someone to ask and she basically said they did not carry it. Keep in mind that this is the same store that LB buys it from in Iowa! As we were leaving Sweet Mama said to me "People do eat squirrels around here...why would they want to feed them?" So I called LB (he was coming down for Labor Day) and asked he to bring one, which he did.
Needless to say Squirrely was thrilled to find it and has been snacking ever since! I hate to tell he people want to eat him around here.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I made into another Etsy TREASURY!

I am in another treasury!! This one is called Make a House a Home. She has featured my Swirly Floral Vintage Inspired Half Apron. It is so cute and looks so pretty in that listing! Here is the site it is good until Friday Sept 11 at 2:30 am. Keep your fingers crossed it makes it to the front page of Etsy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The End of Summer...

Summer is almost over... Where did it go?! Seems like only yesterday that I had planted my tomatoes. Now they are almost done. This all I have left...Oh, and plus a few on the other bush...

I guess now it is time to think towards Fall. My favorite time of year! I listed on my shop the other day the first Halloween aprons...and one sold today!

So now time to start thinking of the holidays... There is some great fabric out there. It should be fun coming up with some new ideas! I can't wait...

Goodbye Summer... Thanks for not being so hot this year...Not many bugs...No hurricanes, yet! Hello Fall...Welcome Back!

Monday, August 31, 2009

This is my 100 post!

This is my 100 post on my blog! Who have though I would have had 100 things to talk about! Thank goodness for the cats and Skippy! Plus the drama of Sweet Mama's illness...hopefully all of that is behind us!

This photo is of Beau on Sweet Mama's bed. She has a reclinder beside the bed from which she watches TV. The green satin neck pillow was given to her by LB's fiancee a few years ago. Now Beau can not stand THAT LADY.... She smells funny (smokes) and she has a flame thrower (lighter) that makes a weird sound. Every time THAT LADY goes outside to the screened-in porch..Beau is killing himself to get away from her! It is kinda funny to watch. But, needless to say, he LOVES the satin neck pillow she gave Sweet Mama. He jumps up on her bed and falls on top of it. Then rests his head on the pillow and falls out! If he only knew....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100 Sales on Etsy!!

And the winner is....Old World BBQ Style Apron!

I just added this one yesterday and it sold at 12:30 am this morning! To Pennsylvania! Yay 100!!! I opened my shop on January 14 this year and have been working hard ever since! It is A LOT of work..besides the obvious..sewing! But I'm not is fun and I wouldn't have it anyother way! On to the next 100!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost 100 Esty Sales!

I have almost made 100 Etsy sale! I am at 96! Whoo Hoo! Hopefully I will make it by the end of August...See anything you like? This Lovely Lemon Retro Ruffle style is my latest! Free Shipping in the US! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better Day!

Sweet Mama came home from the hospital yesterday! Glad to be back home as I spent the night shift with her every night! It is hard to get any rest in a hospital especially at night...lots of comings and goings. The hospital she was in is a small town, 45 bed place. Her doctor basically has an office in the back yard, so to speak, just behind the hospital. ICU was only 4 beds with the nurses only having 2 patients each! Good quality care!

We went to Atlanta today to see the prosthodontist so Sweet Mama could have her appliance adjusted. It was a great visit...picked up her spirits! The Dr always spends lots of time with her and knows just the right things to say! She feel much better now and more able to face the upcoming challenges before her. Such a relief!

She goes tomorrow for more blood work regarding her kidneys. When she admitted last Thursday she was down to only 7% kidney function! Critical! After the weekend, she is now, pretty much, back to normal and with no kidney damage. The bloodwork tomorrow will give us a better picture.

So things are looking up around here. Pretty soon the shop can get back to normal...I have a bunch of new aprons cut out and waiting to be made...4 more sales from hitting 100 sold! Yea!! It has been A LOT of work but worth it! I don't know what I would have done if I had to have worked a "real job"! I guess everything happens for a reason..but who knew that it would be because Sweet Mama got sick... Now she just needs to get better...we got aprons to sell!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in the Hospital

Sweet Mama is back in the hospital! She had a Home Health nurse come over yesterday to draw blood and give her a bag of fluid. That seemed to make her feel better. She has just been worn out from the radiation treatments. Well this morning I got a call from the nurse at the radiologist oncologist that said Sweet Mama was in renal failure and needed to be admitted to the hospital! That was a shock! Red and I got her to the hospital around 12:30 and she was put into ICU. She has now had more bloodwork drawn and a bag of fluid and potassium is dripping in. She is to be there until at least Monday. I have the night shift and Red has the day. The doctors seem to think that with the fluids she was return to normal with hopefully no damage to her kidneys. Please keep her in your prayers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Season

It has become the birthday season around here! First it was LB's fiancee - July 12, then me - July 23, then Skippy - July 30 and yesterday Red - August 11! It has been party central around here! No really..we just had one celebration while LB was here from Iowa earlier last month. We all opened presents and shared a cake. It was kinda like Christmas except LB (January) and Sweet Mama (April) didn't get a present. :(

Yesterday Red was over here all day and even went to radiation with us. She went home and brought diner back to cook and even bought her own birthday cake. Sad isn't it... On my birthday we had to go to Emory in Atlanta to get Sweet Mama's eye sewn closed again. Sigh... My birthday dinner was eating Chick Fila in the car on the ride home.

So..Red and I have decide that we will celebrate our birthdays Feb 1 next a half birthday celebration. When we were little we always moved in the summertime..usually August ... so we would have a joint birthday party on August 1, before the move (or sometimes even if we weren't moving), with all of our friends. Maybe by February things will be back to normal and we can all go out to dinner and celebrate like we always do!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Latest update on Sweet Mama

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. We are down to the final 6 days of Sweet Mama's radiation treatments! We are all so glad! As many of you know (and some of you don't) Sweet Mama had a rare sinus cancer 4 years ago which was treated with surgery only. It reoccurred this past January and she had more surgery (2) in May at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. This time, after the surgeries, it was decided that she had to have radiation treatments...33 to be exact! The past week it has been harder on Sweet Mama. Radiation drains all of your strength and makes you very tired. It gets worse as the days go on. Yesterday she tried to have a fainting spell. That was scary! She has lost about 10+ pounds since we started the treatments around the first of July, almost 30 total since the surgeries...she doesn't need to lose any more. The good news is that once the treatments end, she will regain her strength and appetite. Because she is having radiation to her head, her tongue and throat are sore and a little swollen. It is very hard to eat and to get calories! Hopefully, when this is all over, we will eat ice cream and drink milkshakes every day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skippy's Birthday!

Thursday was Skippy's 15th birthday! We had a nice little mini party with cake! It was very good!! It has been very raining around here. Don't get me wrong..we need the rain. It's just hot and rainy now! Bad for the new driver...

If you drive over soon he will be glad to show you his learner's permit and offer to take you for a ride your own car! Just let me know!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm in a Treasury!

I'm in a treasury on Etsy! This is my new addition to my shop...My Java Retro Ruffle Apron. Isn't it cute?! It made it into a treasury called "Coffee and a Quilt...Perfect" Check it out! There are a lot of cool things in the treasury. A treasury, for thoses of you who don't know, is one person's list of things that they like with the same theme. Anyone can make a treasury..but there are only a few spots available at any given time. They are also shown for a limited time... this one ends Friday July 31 at 6:34 am. So check it out before it is gone!!
Thanks to cyndesplace for including me in this great collection!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Squirrely...

AS you know...

I put out this compressed corn cob for Squirrely a little while ago. This is all that is left! I wish I could get a picture of him eating! He stands on the top of the fence and stretches as far as he can to reach this snack. He then takes a big bite and climbs back to the top of the fence to eat it...and repeats! He is so entertaining! Notice how it is shaped like a ball... I guess I need to make a trip to the pet store to get more!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Premio Meme Award

I have received an award! I am being honored by my fellow etsian bonzaibeadwear! I order to receive this award I must share 7 thing about my personality, then pass on the award and meme on to 7 other bloggers for them to do the same! What a way for us in blogland to get to know each other!

Here goes...

1. Tomorrow is my birthday!
2. I have been in a major motion picture..ok...I was an extra!
3. I love the favorite.
4. I grow vegetables I don't eat or like.
5. I can't sit and watch TV without making something!
6. I used to jump rope barefoot on the driveway as a kid.
7. I have never had a broken bone.

Check out bonzaibeadwear at her etsy shop at She has beautiful things! Love the Amazonite Seafoam Pool Earrings! (See photo above!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Bruiser!

This is Sweet Mama's new Grand Dog! He belongs to my brother, LB, and lives in Iowa! Don't let his name fool you... they say he is very calm and sweet. He was named by the family who owned him before LB. Isn't he just the cutest!! He is about 7 years old and is a long-haired Chihuahua. LB and his fiancee have fallen in love with him! They got him about a month or so ago. Quite a happy dog!
Sweet Mama and I can't wait to meet him!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I meant to post this earlier in the week, so please forgive me! I am in a giveaway that ends July 13! That is next Monday! Just go to to enter!

She is celebrating 400 followers on her blog and is giving away a lot of stuff! I am listed on Day One...last Monday's blog post! I am giving away a BBQ Style of your choice! Just go to my shop and pick out the one you like and comment on her blog! It is that easy! On that day there are 3 other items to be given away too...all to the same winner! What a deal! Check it out!

This week has been a little hectic and all...being that it was Sweet Mama's first full week of radiation. It got better every day, so that is a good thing! The other problem I have been having is that Beau is waking me up every morning around 3 to 4 am. It is driving me crazy! He has never done it be for now and he is now 6 yrs old! I get up and feed him...just to keep him quiet. He has a big mouth and can be very loud! I don't want him to wake up Sweet Mama! Most days he gets back in the bed and goes back to too! But this morning that just didn't happen! I am so tired! I am trying to poke him and wake him up all afternoon...Anybody got any great ideas?

I can not lock him up or out of my room. That just makes him cry louder! If it was winter it would be different. He doesn't like to be cold. But I can't afford to turn down the ac to icy! He is a very sweet cat and very loving! But he is wearing me out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am a winner!!

I won yesterday's contest on The Ardent Sparrow blog giveaway! She is giving away something everyday this week! She is featuring 11 etsy artists though out the week.

I won from two! and Check out their shops!
and also

Here are the items I said I liked!

Are these fabric flowers cute! They are "Va Va Voom Pink Corsage Pin Brooch" I thought I might put them on a winter purse I have! You know, dress it up a bit!

Love these glass buttons! They are called "Savoir Faire Baubles". Think I will made magnets out of them for the fridge!

What do you think? Any better ideas for my winnings...or maybe I will pick something else... I have a $15.00 credit in each shop! Something to think about on my drive to Atlanta today!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Raining

It's still raining! It started back this afternoon and has been raining on and off ever since. My tomatoes are loving it! They are getting bigger every day with more and more blooms. Hopefully (cross your fingers!), they will all grow into pretty big tomatoes!

Today was a little busy! Spent a lot of time on the phone with doctor's offices. Sweet Mama's eye came unsewn last Friday (of weekend!) It is sewn in two places...the inside lid and the outside lid. We tried to hold off calling hoping that the outside stitches would hold. But last night she complained of her eye bothering her. So I called the radiation people to see what the latest appointment would be (we usually go in the early afternoon). Then I called Atlanta to the Emory Eye Clinic to see when they could see her. Turns out that it's tomorrow afternoon. Also trying to see the surgeon about her ear that is bothering her. We are thinking that maybe she will have to have a tube put in. They have to call back tomorrow...he's been on vacation...we will see about that later. So it is off to Atlanta after an early treatment with the radiologist. Should be nice and rainy on the way home... Pop up shows are predicted between here and there for the late afternoon. That will make for fun driving...Well, at least it's not a Friday afternoon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We had RAIN today!!

We finally had some rain today!! Yea!! I can't remember when we last had rain. It has been a while. The grass was starting to get crunchy and a lovely shade of tan! The birds were begging for the birdbaths to be filled. My tomatoes are so happy they are starting to grow again...if only I would have a tomato or two it would be nice! But I guess I can wait...

Summer got here fast and hot! Seem like it was the end of summer instead of the beginning. I can only imagine how hot it will be in August!

Today I started my Christmas in July Sale in my Etsy shop! Everything in the shop has Free Shipping and my Holiday Aprons are 15% Off (plus free shipping!) Good deals! Check it out! Sale ends July 24!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone! It's turning out to be a great day for picnics and fireworks! Skippy's 3rd Annual Firework Extravaganza is tonight at his house. The thrill of a 14 old old will be felt by all! We had a preview on the 2nd...shooting off some of the arsenal. He buys these with his own money and seems to get carried away more and more every year. Thursday night was a way for us not to have to be up watching fireworks until midnight tonight!
So have a safe and fun 4th! And remember me...watching the extravaganza... :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Two of Radiation

Today was day two of Sweet Mama's radiation treatment. A few problems the first day, but today went a little better. We are still fine tuning the process. Yesterday, being the first day, was a little was the unknown! But the people there are so nice and patient. I told Sweet Mama every day will be better and one step closer to being done!

We bought a small treadmill for Sweet Mama to walk on. It has gotten so hot here, even at night, that who wants to walk around the block!! So we have a gravity powered... make that foot powered, fold-able treadmill. It is the kind you can fold up and put under the bed! We have been walking 2 - 5 minutes a day! Trying to build up her stamina. Bella has even gotten into the exercise routine!

Sorry for her glowing eyes! She hasn't figure out how to make it more...she's pacing herself! Beau looked at it today but, he's a little slow...he was sitting on it backwards! Bella just shook her head at him and waited for him to leave. Then she got back into position! I'll let you know when she decides to begin!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Squirrely

This morning was so cool and nice out on the porch! Sweet Mama and I had our cup of coffee out there...enjoying the cool relief from the heat. It has been so hot here in Middle Georgia! You would have thought that it was August!!

While we were chillin'...painting our toenails. Squirrely came up for his breakfast!. I had my camera sitting right beside me just in case he showed up! He did and starting gnawing away. Notice his technique! Always keeping his feet on the top post. Such a talent! He ate for a little while and then bounced away! I think he went to tell his friends about the "New Buffet" because pretty soon another squirrel came up. Now this one was a little heaver than Squirrely. He slipped off the fence on his approach, scared himself, climbed a tree and then cautiously came back. By now the sun had rose higher and he was eating in the light. (Great photo opportunity!) Notice how he is hanging from the top of the post with both feet. I think he was still a little afraid of falling again!

He had a very small snack and was off again.

This was very entertaining to all of us. The cats could not figure out where the sound was coming from and never really saw either squirrel.

Check out the corn!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

An Update on the Adventures of Squirrely

Squirrely, hmmm what has he been up to now??!! Not much has been happening lately. It's been so hot..but the other day I saw him looking for a snack. Next thing I knew, he had decided to eat some of my geraniums that were hanging on the fence. URRR.. So I moved them and had to replant the pot. I moved a fern over in it's place which should be safe! Maybe...

Now that he is now coming over for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I needed a!! My brother gave us a squirrel feeder from Iowa after Sweet Mama and I were there last summer visiting. He has one in his front yard of his new house. You could sit in the living room and watch them eat. Pretty cool! This is an Iowa Squirrel.He looks a little different from our southern grey squirrels. Must be the snow! Check out the tail!

The feeder came with two ears of pre-pressed corn. The first ear I put out during the winter...which was a bad idea! It seemed to melt with each rainstorm. So I thought, now that it is summer, let's try again! I decided to put it out on the fence where the geranium had been (or close to it!)
So it sat there for a day or two until Saturday..success!! He found it and started snacking! It is pretty hard but you can hear him just a chewing on it! The porch is probably 20 feet away from the fence. Which means I can see him...but he can see me! It took me a few days to get this shot! But he loves it and has been back snacking ever since! Squirrely is quite an acrobat! He feet never left the top of the fence the whole time he was eating!!
I guess I need to get some more Iowa corn!!