Thursday, September 10, 2009

Squirrely...eats again!

When we last left Squirrely...He was enjoying a new dish... a Squirrel log! Well, he ate it all and there was nothing left. Thus began my quest... to the pet store to find more! Once inside the store it became quite a dilemma to find an associate who worked there...come on people..a little customer service would be nice! I had brought Sweet Mama with me on a field trip, thought a little trip on would be a good change of pace... After dragging her up and down the aisles we finally got some a guy on his first day! He was clueless, poor guy, and everyone he asked was exasperated. Finally we all found someone to ask and she basically said they did not carry it. Keep in mind that this is the same store that LB buys it from in Iowa! As we were leaving Sweet Mama said to me "People do eat squirrels around here...why would they want to feed them?" So I called LB (he was coming down for Labor Day) and asked he to bring one, which he did.
Needless to say Squirrely was thrilled to find it and has been snacking ever since! I hate to tell he people want to eat him around here.....


  1. Aw thats a great story! long love Squirely!

  2. Thanks! Squirrley is very entertaining! And, man is it loud when he chewing on the corn... it gets your attention!