Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny plus a giggle!

Funny Rat (aka Bunny Rabbit) showed up the other everyone excited!! If you look right above the black chair just above the piddly rose bush (yes that rose bush is gets no sun now that the Cherry tree has grown and the porch is in the way) But look...there is Funny! She is starring at us and we are starring at her! She showed up the other night with...a baby!!

Isn't Giggle cute?!! He was very fast..running circles around her. She just kept eating and scratching her fleas. She finally came up to the porch to say hello! Beau was very interested, but Bella, not so much. You remember a week or so ago she showed up, in the same place, and sat there all afternoon. Beau was in the house taking his nap and missed it! This time he could not take his eyes off her!!
Sorry the pic is a little blurry! I didn't want to scare anyone with a flash! They stayed for a bit with Giggle slipping through the fence and on to other adventures. Funny snacked and visited a bit and then saw the dog in the yard behind us and disappeared in a flash!! It has been a couple of days and I haven't seen them. But they come around this time in the evening so I best get back on the porch and start looking. I will have to keep my eyes open thought to see Giggle!!
He is just so cute!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Have Been Up To...

I have been very busy in the shop for the last few weeks! I have had a lot of custom orders. It has been fun but I wanted to add some new items to the shop. So I have gotten busy and here are the newest Duets! Originally they were just going to be BBQ aprons. They were stacked on the sewing table, one on top of another, when it hit me!! A perfect pairing don't cha think?!! Let me know which one is your favorite!

I have more to come..Plus Size, Duets, Ruffles and Christmas. So keep your eye on the shop!

You never know what you will find!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hare today...

Funny the bunny has been visiting the neighbors! She was seen earlier in the week by Sweet Mama hopping across the front yard from the house next door. Later, in the early evening, she came back to our backyard...through the fence...for a snack.

I think she might have fleas!

She then had to leave and check out the yard behind us. That was two days ago. Haven't seen her since. Hope she made it through the night last night. We had one heck of a storm! Winds were howling at speeds up to 60 mph! I had to go out on the porch and secure everything that might break or blow away! Of course that was after midnight! It lasted til after 3am. At least I think it was 3am..that was the last time I heard anything. This morning it is calm and sunny. Although cool it is going to heat up to 99 degrees! Wish it was only going to be 80...sigh

I am going to keep my eyes out today for Funny. Hopefully she will hop back through the yard at some time.

Maybe I will put out some more carrots...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funny Rat!!

As you know it has been a HOT week! So hot that all you want to do is lay around and do nothing! It is so hot that the cats are bored with the outside world.... Until this afternoon! That is when I went out on the porch to get Bella to come was 97 degrees with the heat index at 101. Just too HOT! But Bella would not move... She was intently looking out the screen.

If you look close under the rose branch, blending into the pinestraw is Funny Rat, an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit!! We saw her last week! Bell could not take her eyes off him/her. I think it is a she...I think... She was very calm and laid in the same place for 2 or 3 hours. We wondered if she was dead but she did change positions!
First position!

Second position!

Third position!

Finally she ended up this way! See her cute little white tail?! Around 6pm we got RAIN!!! She just sat there and got wet. It seemed like she was waiting for it to stop so she could explore. Which she did and made it through the fence slats into the neighbor's yard behind us!

It was a fun afternoon for all! Bella watched for awhile but got hot and bored and came in! Beau slept through most of it, but came onto the porch just before the rain! I don't think he ever saw Funny... Oh well, I'm sure she will be back... But until then, Bella will tell him all about her day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's just tooooo HOT!!

It is just to HOT around here... 101 yesterday, 100 Friday and upper 90's last week. Next week more of the same. This is supposed to be August weather not the first week in June!! It is so hot and with no weeds are dying! I had to dig out my garden sculpture Friday from under the pine straw. It was halfway covered with dirt and had made it's own hole! I guess he wanted out of the heat too!

I probably should have left him in....

The reason for all this interest in the smiling man is I decided on Thursday to put up a clothesline. It has been so hot that to run the dryer is just too much heat. We have been hanging up shirts and pants on hangers and hanging them in every doorway. It has gotten to be a obstacle course! So I decided to revive the clothesline! I had one up 6 years ago when I moved in but took it down. I like my sheets on the line, they smell so clean!

Now, I thought I could use the same hooks that were up there, but one had fallen out of the tree. So I first put up a metal hook like this one with a ring to help hold the clothesline tight.

It lasted just long enough for me to get everything perfectly clothes pinned on... then...POP...nice clean sheets laying in the pinestraw. (Now keep in mind I am now sweating!) On to Plan B! The side that stayed up was connected to a plant hanger that had a birdfeeder on it(empty, of course...has been that way for a while! I forgot it was there!!)
I went scrounging around and found another hanger and decided to put it up. After finding a ladder, screws and the screwdriver...carrying it all outside...finding a level place for the ladder...and FINALLY getting both screws to stay in...Here is the finished project...

So now, with the line back up, back to hanging the sheets! I think the line should hold don't you?!! Notice the interesting tie job...pretty...sigh...remember it's HOT!

Now the final step....and voila!!
I know....the middle one is not straight... I did the best I could... It was 10:00 and almost 95 degrees! I was so done!! Time for a cold drink and shower!!!

They say that the hot weather is here for awhile... So I am thinking cool thoughts and remembering winter.....

It will be here soon...right? That is if we get any snow...none last year...

But I can dream!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Neighbor

Today after coming home from the Post Office I noticed I left the back gate open. Must have been because I was in such a hurry to go inside after my lawn mowing!! Anyway, what did I see just inside the gate but a tiny baby blue jay! See it in the right of this picture?! It just sat there looking at me but did not move away. I remember yesterday afternoon Beau was sitting in my bedroom window, taking in the view, when all of a sudden something hit the window. I guess it must have been the Mama Blue Jay. She was hollering and making passes at the window. Beau just sat there...very entertained!! Finally she left and Beau took a nap.

When I saw the baby I wondered if it had fallen out of the nest and had been sitting there all night, morning and now early afternoon. Sweet Mama said to go get it a shallow bowl of water and put it near the baby. I did, shut the gate and left. A little while later I when back and the baby was gone! I looked all feathers. I guess it didn't fall had fledged!! Later this evening I was doing yardwork and Sweet Mama said it had been in the front yard right where I was going to work. I am putting pavers around my newest cherry tree. I would show you but darkness caught me!

The baby is learning the neighborhood!

Maybe we will meet again tomorrow! I will let you know!