Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Neighbor

Today after coming home from the Post Office I noticed I left the back gate open. Must have been because I was in such a hurry to go inside after my lawn mowing!! Anyway, what did I see just inside the gate but a tiny baby blue jay! See it in the right of this picture?! It just sat there looking at me but did not move away. I remember yesterday afternoon Beau was sitting in my bedroom window, taking in the view, when all of a sudden something hit the window. I guess it must have been the Mama Blue Jay. She was hollering and making passes at the window. Beau just sat there...very entertained!! Finally she left and Beau took a nap.

When I saw the baby I wondered if it had fallen out of the nest and had been sitting there all night, morning and now early afternoon. Sweet Mama said to go get it a shallow bowl of water and put it near the baby. I did, shut the gate and left. A little while later I when back and the baby was gone! I looked all feathers. I guess it didn't fall had fledged!! Later this evening I was doing yardwork and Sweet Mama said it had been in the front yard right where I was going to work. I am putting pavers around my newest cherry tree. I would show you but darkness caught me!

The baby is learning the neighborhood!

Maybe we will meet again tomorrow! I will let you know!

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