Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's just tooooo HOT!!

It is just to HOT around here... 101 yesterday, 100 Friday and upper 90's last week. Next week more of the same. This is supposed to be August weather not the first week in June!! It is so hot and with no weeds are dying! I had to dig out my garden sculpture Friday from under the pine straw. It was halfway covered with dirt and had made it's own hole! I guess he wanted out of the heat too!

I probably should have left him in....

The reason for all this interest in the smiling man is I decided on Thursday to put up a clothesline. It has been so hot that to run the dryer is just too much heat. We have been hanging up shirts and pants on hangers and hanging them in every doorway. It has gotten to be a obstacle course! So I decided to revive the clothesline! I had one up 6 years ago when I moved in but took it down. I like my sheets on the line, they smell so clean!

Now, I thought I could use the same hooks that were up there, but one had fallen out of the tree. So I first put up a metal hook like this one with a ring to help hold the clothesline tight.

It lasted just long enough for me to get everything perfectly clothes pinned on... then...POP...nice clean sheets laying in the pinestraw. (Now keep in mind I am now sweating!) On to Plan B! The side that stayed up was connected to a plant hanger that had a birdfeeder on it(empty, of course...has been that way for a while! I forgot it was there!!)
I went scrounging around and found another hanger and decided to put it up. After finding a ladder, screws and the screwdriver...carrying it all outside...finding a level place for the ladder...and FINALLY getting both screws to stay in...Here is the finished project...

So now, with the line back up, back to hanging the sheets! I think the line should hold don't you?!! Notice the interesting tie job...pretty...sigh...remember it's HOT!

Now the final step....and voila!!
I know....the middle one is not straight... I did the best I could... It was 10:00 and almost 95 degrees! I was so done!! Time for a cold drink and shower!!!

They say that the hot weather is here for awhile... So I am thinking cool thoughts and remembering winter.....

It will be here soon...right? That is if we get any snow...none last year...

But I can dream!!!

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