Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hare today...

Funny the bunny has been visiting the neighbors! She was seen earlier in the week by Sweet Mama hopping across the front yard from the house next door. Later, in the early evening, she came back to our backyard...through the fence...for a snack.

I think she might have fleas!

She then had to leave and check out the yard behind us. That was two days ago. Haven't seen her since. Hope she made it through the night last night. We had one heck of a storm! Winds were howling at speeds up to 60 mph! I had to go out on the porch and secure everything that might break or blow away! Of course that was after midnight! It lasted til after 3am. At least I think it was 3am..that was the last time I heard anything. This morning it is calm and sunny. Although cool it is going to heat up to 99 degrees! Wish it was only going to be 80...sigh

I am going to keep my eyes out today for Funny. Hopefully she will hop back through the yard at some time.

Maybe I will put out some more carrots...

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