Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny plus a giggle!

Funny Rat (aka Bunny Rabbit) showed up the other everyone excited!! If you look right above the black chair just above the piddly rose bush (yes that rose bush is gets no sun now that the Cherry tree has grown and the porch is in the way) But look...there is Funny! She is starring at us and we are starring at her! She showed up the other night with...a baby!!

Isn't Giggle cute?!! He was very fast..running circles around her. She just kept eating and scratching her fleas. She finally came up to the porch to say hello! Beau was very interested, but Bella, not so much. You remember a week or so ago she showed up, in the same place, and sat there all afternoon. Beau was in the house taking his nap and missed it! This time he could not take his eyes off her!!
Sorry the pic is a little blurry! I didn't want to scare anyone with a flash! They stayed for a bit with Giggle slipping through the fence and on to other adventures. Funny snacked and visited a bit and then saw the dog in the yard behind us and disappeared in a flash!! It has been a couple of days and I haven't seen them. But they come around this time in the evening so I best get back on the porch and start looking. I will have to keep my eyes open thought to see Giggle!!
He is just so cute!!

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