Friday, February 26, 2010

I need you HELP!

My Enchanted Forest BBQ Style Apron (see above) is featured today in a contest where the top 10 winners will be featured on a cool blog for the month of March! The Handmade Gift Guide is a cool blog. There are lots of talented Etsy artisans featured today..and I am so happy to be included! It would be such a great way to get my aprons seen by so many people...this blogs has a lot of followers. I found her through Facebook fanpages...there are a lot of fanpages of cool Etsy shops.
Please check out the blog and VOTE! The link is attached below! There is a bar on the righthand side with a list of shops that you can click on to vote (my shop is down at the bottom of the list)
Thank you so much for voting! Remember you only get one vote!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Love is Back!!

As many of you know, the love has been missing around here... After Beau was put on Prozac for his peeing problem, things got a little dicey around here. Names were called, feelings were hurt, and the fur flied... But Sunday a miracle happened!! I was working on a large order all day and I while I wasn't looking Bella shared the favorite chair with Beau. They stayed like this for an hour or so.

Beau has slowly been coming back to his old self...every now and then he would give Bell a little kiss. Earlier in the afternoon I noticed this dove sitting in the birdbath in the front yard. A sign of peace.

Also on Sunday afternoon Bellas g0t a new toy from my Brother-in-law Kojac. It is a plastic ring with a ball, that lights up, in a track that rings a scratching mat, sprinkled with catnip! (notice the ball in the top leftside of the ring!) Oh Happy Day! She LOVES it!! Beau is not quite sure... He tends to just sit on it.

So, for now, life is good!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SPRING is almost here!!

It was such a beautiful day here in Middle Georgia!!! 65 degrees and sunny! A far cry from last weekend's snow. So I took advantage of the nice day and went outside to do so pruning! I cut back 2 crepe myrtles and pulled up 3 bushes of some kind that were planted around the mailbox. I don't really know what they were but I know I didn't like them. While I was there I noticed this!! The bulbs are growing! I have no idea what they are either because each year the grow but never bloom... But every year I am always so proud and hopeful they will make it! Last year they sprouted up only to be killed by our ONLY snow day of the whole year...March 1st!

So this year I am still hopeful but know that winter is not over yet! But if they make you will see it here first!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Check out this blog!

I am featured in this blog today! My Ooh La La Retro Ruffle Apron is the favorite again! It has been a very good week for her. Check her out in this collection! It's all about fabric and cool things found on Etsy. I love it!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I made it into a Treasury!!

I made it into a Treasury this morning!!
"Black and White Beauty From GA"

This treasury is celebrating our southern snowfall! I would post a picture of the treasury but I am no smart enough to figure it out. Granted I tried but no luck... SO you will just have to click on the link to see it! Click on the pictures and add views to the items...that way maybe we will make to the front page of Etsy!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Melting.....

You know what they say...Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! That is so true about snow in the Deep South! It is almost gone! It has been a little windy today and that has had the snow melting and falling out of the pine trees! You would have thought there were a bunch of teenage boys in the back yard with all the thumping I kept hearing! But there was no giggles or chuckles...just falling clumps of snow. Our backyard is full of pine trees. I think this area was a pine tree forest at one time. The trees are planted in straight little lines!

I measured the snow around 8:00 last night and this is what I got.

Now keep in mind it was still snowing when I took this picture. So we could have gotten more...I am calling our official total 3"! Sweet Mama wanted me to send some pics to LB in Iowa. He is the Weekend Anchor of his local news. So I sent them and they were put on the weatherman's blog on the station's website. Kinda cool and yet kinda pitiful... They get a lot more snow that we do...every year! Just a El Nino event for us! I basically sent him the same ones I posted yesterday plus this one.

This is as close to the snow as Sweet Mama got!
Here's a few from today!

Plus we got a little bit of ice!

And now we get ready for SPRING! The Cherry Tree is getting ready...are you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

It Snowed!!

It took a while but it finally snowed and it stuck! Tha snow started falling for good around 2pm. By 4pm the snow was covering the pretty! Here are a few picture of the day! Enjoy!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting for SNOW!!

Rumor has it that we in Middle Georgia are in store for a major snow storm... 2-4 inches! The town is just a buzzing! We got snow last year on March 1 (check out the major accumulation above!) Well, maybe it was just a dusting... What you don't see is that to the left of the mailbox our yard is full of pine trees...and there is no snow there at all. This is the backyard...yes there are pine trees to the left.

The prediction is for about 12 hours of snow...9:00am to 9:00pm. So we wait....hoping it gets here and doesn't disappear as if it was a dream...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I have been so busy lately! Finally today I got sort of caught up! The last of my regular orders went to the post office today! I only have 2 custom orders to finish...but they are on the large side. The first one is a Mom and Me set in the Retro Ruffle pattern (like the apron above).... a Mom and 2 kids. The Mom is almost finished...just working on the kids. The other is 10 BBQ aprons for a wedding....Bridesmaids! Those I still have to cut out which will happen tomorrow or the next day...maybe!

I have also been trying to add to the shop. The apron above is so pretty..I finished it today. It had been half done for a week or two and finally this morning I had time to finish it before going to the post office. I would have got more done this weekend but Skippy was spending the weekend while his parents went out of town. So I got distracted....which was okay, I needed a break.

I have so many ideas for new aprons swimming in my brain! I have a great idea for a new BBQ style and also a lovely half apron! The days aren't long enough!! Here are some pics of the latest additions that I have finished!

This one reminds me of Savannah...That's why it is called Savannah Crabs...clever right?! Actually it reminds me of crabbing with my grandfather in Moon River...yes there is one! Then we would take all the crabs home to my grandmother and she would boil them on the stove. My sister and I would stand on the kitchen chairs in her tiny kitchen and watch her put them in the pot of boiling water. Of course many escaped and my grandfather would chase them down and throw them back in! I could never eat crabs...I always think of those poor crabs trying to escape...the red ones... Still can't bring myself to eat them...maybe a crab-cake...but those crabs aren't from around here...right? But it was fun catching them on the river and time spent with my grandfather and grandmother, who are no longer with us!

This one Sweet Mama named Enchanted Forest! I love all the colors! It turned out so pretty don't cha think?!

I will post pictures of the newer aprons I am creating soon! Keep watching!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sad Beau

I took Beau back to the vet today. He seemed to be losing weight and I was afraid he might be diabetic from his meds. He is still taking the Prozac for his marking problem and it makes him so sad. He doesn't want to play or eat...he just lays around all day. He used to be a very energetic boy with a big mouth. Now he hardly says a thing...Bella even shares the blankie with him but that doesn't really cheer him up.

Sweet Mama wants him taken off the Prozac....she wants our sweet kitty back. She found, in a cat magazine, an article about Cyproheptadine which someone put their cat on and it worked! She thought it might work for Beau. So we are trying it with the Prozac...the vet said that it was an antihistamine but it wouldn't hurt to try it. So we will see... If this doesn't work Sweet Mama said we will just have to go back to cleaning up pee.

In the meantime...he is just holding on....