Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Melting.....

You know what they say...Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! That is so true about snow in the Deep South! It is almost gone! It has been a little windy today and that has had the snow melting and falling out of the pine trees! You would have thought there were a bunch of teenage boys in the back yard with all the thumping I kept hearing! But there was no giggles or chuckles...just falling clumps of snow. Our backyard is full of pine trees. I think this area was a pine tree forest at one time. The trees are planted in straight little lines!

I measured the snow around 8:00 last night and this is what I got.

Now keep in mind it was still snowing when I took this picture. So we could have gotten more...I am calling our official total 3"! Sweet Mama wanted me to send some pics to LB in Iowa. He is the Weekend Anchor of his local news. So I sent them and they were put on the weatherman's blog on the station's website. Kinda cool and yet kinda pitiful... They get a lot more snow that we do...every year! Just a El Nino event for us! I basically sent him the same ones I posted yesterday plus this one.

This is as close to the snow as Sweet Mama got!
Here's a few from today!

Plus we got a little bit of ice!

And now we get ready for SPRING! The Cherry Tree is getting ready...are you?


  1. Happy you enjoyed your"blizzard of 2010"

  2. I'd be glad to send you some more if you miss it already. Our snow is slowly deflating a bit but we still have well over 2 foot on the ground with piles at least 12' high where we shoveled and plowed. Someone forgot to tell Mr. Weather that Maryland is a Southern State also.