Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I have been so busy lately! Finally today I got sort of caught up! The last of my regular orders went to the post office today! I only have 2 custom orders to finish...but they are on the large side. The first one is a Mom and Me set in the Retro Ruffle pattern (like the apron above).... a Mom and 2 kids. The Mom is almost finished...just working on the kids. The other is 10 BBQ aprons for a wedding....Bridesmaids! Those I still have to cut out which will happen tomorrow or the next day...maybe!

I have also been trying to add to the shop. The apron above is so pretty..I finished it today. It had been half done for a week or two and finally this morning I had time to finish it before going to the post office. I would have got more done this weekend but Skippy was spending the weekend while his parents went out of town. So I got distracted....which was okay, I needed a break.

I have so many ideas for new aprons swimming in my brain! I have a great idea for a new BBQ style and also a lovely half apron! The days aren't long enough!! Here are some pics of the latest additions that I have finished!

This one reminds me of Savannah...That's why it is called Savannah Crabs...clever right?! Actually it reminds me of crabbing with my grandfather in Moon River...yes there is one! Then we would take all the crabs home to my grandmother and she would boil them on the stove. My sister and I would stand on the kitchen chairs in her tiny kitchen and watch her put them in the pot of boiling water. Of course many escaped and my grandfather would chase them down and throw them back in! I could never eat crabs...I always think of those poor crabs trying to escape...the red ones... Still can't bring myself to eat them...maybe a crab-cake...but those crabs aren't from around here...right? But it was fun catching them on the river and time spent with my grandfather and grandmother, who are no longer with us!

This one Sweet Mama named Enchanted Forest! I love all the colors! It turned out so pretty don't cha think?!

I will post pictures of the newer aprons I am creating soon! Keep watching!

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  1. LOVE the first rose apron the best..we have very similar tastes in design and fabric choice.That must be why I like you so much. Beautiful job!