Monday, February 1, 2010

Sad Beau

I took Beau back to the vet today. He seemed to be losing weight and I was afraid he might be diabetic from his meds. He is still taking the Prozac for his marking problem and it makes him so sad. He doesn't want to play or eat...he just lays around all day. He used to be a very energetic boy with a big mouth. Now he hardly says a thing...Bella even shares the blankie with him but that doesn't really cheer him up.

Sweet Mama wants him taken off the Prozac....she wants our sweet kitty back. She found, in a cat magazine, an article about Cyproheptadine which someone put their cat on and it worked! She thought it might work for Beau. So we are trying it with the Prozac...the vet said that it was an antihistamine but it wouldn't hurt to try it. So we will see... If this doesn't work Sweet Mama said we will just have to go back to cleaning up pee.

In the meantime...he is just holding on....


  1. Poor Beau! Of course, Prozac would effect his personality - that's what it does! Maybe you could try diapers instead. Bet that would get a reaction out of him! (Especially when all the other kitties pointed and laughed!)

  2. Makes me sad.....I hope you get your old kitty back very soon ;-)