Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Fall!!

I am so glad you are finally here! Although it was 93 here today...hopefully cool days can't be far behind!!! I noticed the goldenrod was starting to bloom last Friday, which means 6 more week till cold weather. For once I can't wait! It has been so hot here for so Spring projects never got finished because it was too hot. My front porch rocking chairs were in the process of being stripped and primed. Only one of the 2 got primed, the other is sitting on the porch looking a little long in the tooth! A bit grey... SO Fall should bring me cooler weather to finish the chairs so they will look great for next spring! Just in time to turn yellow from all the pollen!! Oh well...

In honor of the goldenrod here is my latest apron! I love this fabric!! But I love Fall and all the Fall colors! Don't you!!