Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm in a Treasury!

I'm in a treasury on Etsy! This is my new addition to my shop...My Java Retro Ruffle Apron. Isn't it cute?! It made it into a treasury called "Coffee and a Quilt...Perfect" Check it out! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=62662 There are a lot of cool things in the treasury. A treasury, for thoses of you who don't know, is one person's list of things that they like with the same theme. Anyone can make a treasury..but there are only a few spots available at any given time. They are also shown for a limited time... this one ends Friday July 31 at 6:34 am. So check it out before it is gone!!
Thanks to cyndesplace for including me in this great collection!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Squirrely...

AS you know...

I put out this compressed corn cob for Squirrely a little while ago. This is all that is left! I wish I could get a picture of him eating! He stands on the top of the fence and stretches as far as he can to reach this snack. He then takes a big bite and climbs back to the top of the fence to eat it...and repeats! He is so entertaining! Notice how it is shaped like a ball... I guess I need to make a trip to the pet store to get more!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Premio Meme Award

I have received an award! I am being honored by my fellow etsian bonzaibeadwear! I order to receive this award I must share 7 thing about my personality, then pass on the award and meme on to 7 other bloggers for them to do the same! What a way for us in blogland to get to know each other!

Here goes...

1. Tomorrow is my birthday!
2. I have been in a major motion picture..ok...I was an extra!
3. I love the fall...my favorite.
4. I grow vegetables I don't eat or like.
5. I can't sit and watch TV without making something!
6. I used to jump rope barefoot on the driveway as a kid.
7. I have never had a broken bone.

Check out bonzaibeadwear at her etsy shop at http://www.bonzaibeadwear.etsy.com/ She has beautiful things! Love the Amazonite Seafoam Pool Earrings! (See photo above!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Bruiser!

This is Sweet Mama's new Grand Dog! He belongs to my brother, LB, and lives in Iowa! Don't let his name fool you... they say he is very calm and sweet. He was named by the family who owned him before LB. Isn't he just the cutest!! He is about 7 years old and is a long-haired Chihuahua. LB and his fiancee have fallen in love with him! They got him about a month or so ago. Quite a happy dog!
Sweet Mama and I can't wait to meet him!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I meant to post this earlier in the week, so please forgive me! I am in a giveaway that ends July 13! That is next Monday! Just go to www.babymakinmachine.com to enter!

She is celebrating 400 followers on her blog and is giving away a lot of stuff! I am listed on Day One...last Monday's blog post! I am giving away a BBQ Style of your choice! Just go to my shop and pick out the one you like and comment on her blog! It is that easy! On that day there are 3 other items to be given away too...all to the same winner! What a deal! Check it out!

This week has been a little hectic and all...being that it was Sweet Mama's first full week of radiation. It got better every day, so that is a good thing! The other problem I have been having is that Beau is waking me up every morning around 3 to 4 am. It is driving me crazy! He has never done it be for now and he is now 6 yrs old! I get up and feed him...just to keep him quiet. He has a big mouth and can be very loud! I don't want him to wake up Sweet Mama! Most days he gets back in the bed and goes back to sleep...me too! But this morning that just didn't happen! I am so tired! I am trying to poke him and wake him up all afternoon...Anybody got any great ideas?

I can not lock him up or out of my room. That just makes him cry louder! If it was winter it would be different. He doesn't like to be cold. But I can't afford to turn down the ac to icy! He is a very sweet cat and very loving! But he is wearing me out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am a winner!!

I won yesterday's contest on The Ardent Sparrow blog giveaway! She is giving away something everyday this week! http://www.theardentsparrow.blogspot.com/ She is featuring 11 etsy artists though out the week.

I won from two! http://www.icing101.etsy.com/ and http://www.ormolu.etsy.com/ Check out their shops!
and also http://www.theardentsparrow.etsy.com/

Here are the items I said I liked!

Are these fabric flowers cute! They are "Va Va Voom Pink Corsage Pin Brooch" I thought I might put them on a winter purse I have! You know, dress it up a bit!

Love these glass buttons! They are called "Savoir Faire Baubles". Think I will made magnets out of them for the fridge!

What do you think? Any better ideas for my winnings...or maybe I will pick something else... I have a $15.00 credit in each shop! Something to think about on my drive to Atlanta today!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Raining

It's still raining! It started back this afternoon and has been raining on and off ever since. My tomatoes are loving it! They are getting bigger every day with more and more blooms. Hopefully (cross your fingers!), they will all grow into pretty big tomatoes!

Today was a little busy! Spent a lot of time on the phone with doctor's offices. Sweet Mama's eye came unsewn last Friday (of course...holiday weekend!) It is sewn in two places...the inside lid and the outside lid. We tried to hold off calling hoping that the outside stitches would hold. But last night she complained of her eye bothering her. So I called the radiation people to see what the latest appointment would be (we usually go in the early afternoon). Then I called Atlanta to the Emory Eye Clinic to see when they could see her. Turns out that it's tomorrow afternoon. Also trying to see the surgeon about her ear that is bothering her. We are thinking that maybe she will have to have a tube put in. They have to call back tomorrow...he's been on vacation...we will see about that later. So it is off to Atlanta after an early treatment with the radiologist. Should be nice and rainy on the way home... Pop up shows are predicted between here and there for the late afternoon. That will make for fun driving...Well, at least it's not a Friday afternoon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We had RAIN today!!

We finally had some rain today!! Yea!! I can't remember when we last had rain. It has been a while. The grass was starting to get crunchy and a lovely shade of tan! The birds were begging for the birdbaths to be filled. My tomatoes are so happy they are starting to grow again...if only I would have a tomato or two it would be nice! But I guess I can wait...

Summer got here fast and hot! Seem like it was the end of summer instead of the beginning. I can only imagine how hot it will be in August!

Today I started my Christmas in July Sale in my Etsy shop! Everything in the shop has Free Shipping and my Holiday Aprons are 15% Off (plus free shipping!) Good deals! Check it out! Sale ends July 24!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone! It's turning out to be a great day for picnics and fireworks! Skippy's 3rd Annual Firework Extravaganza is tonight at his house. The thrill of a 14 old old will be felt by all! We had a preview on the 2nd...shooting off some of the arsenal. He buys these with his own money and seems to get carried away more and more every year. Thursday night was a way for us not to have to be up watching fireworks until midnight tonight!
So have a safe and fun 4th! And remember me...watching the extravaganza... :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Two of Radiation

Today was day two of Sweet Mama's radiation treatment. A few problems the first day, but today went a little better. We are still fine tuning the process. Yesterday, being the first day, was a little scary....it was the unknown! But the people there are so nice and patient. I told Sweet Mama every day will be better and one step closer to being done!

We bought a small treadmill for Sweet Mama to walk on. It has gotten so hot here, even at night, that who wants to walk around the block!! So we have a gravity powered... make that foot powered, fold-able treadmill. It is the kind you can fold up and put under the bed! We have been walking 2 - 5 minutes a day! Trying to build up her stamina. Bella has even gotten into the exercise routine!

Sorry for her glowing eyes! She hasn't figure out how to make it more...she's pacing herself! Beau looked at it today but, he's a little slow...he was sitting on it backwards! Bella just shook her head at him and waited for him to leave. Then she got back into position! I'll let you know when she decides to begin!