Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Raining

It's still raining! It started back this afternoon and has been raining on and off ever since. My tomatoes are loving it! They are getting bigger every day with more and more blooms. Hopefully (cross your fingers!), they will all grow into pretty big tomatoes!

Today was a little busy! Spent a lot of time on the phone with doctor's offices. Sweet Mama's eye came unsewn last Friday (of weekend!) It is sewn in two places...the inside lid and the outside lid. We tried to hold off calling hoping that the outside stitches would hold. But last night she complained of her eye bothering her. So I called the radiation people to see what the latest appointment would be (we usually go in the early afternoon). Then I called Atlanta to the Emory Eye Clinic to see when they could see her. Turns out that it's tomorrow afternoon. Also trying to see the surgeon about her ear that is bothering her. We are thinking that maybe she will have to have a tube put in. They have to call back tomorrow...he's been on vacation...we will see about that later. So it is off to Atlanta after an early treatment with the radiologist. Should be nice and rainy on the way home... Pop up shows are predicted between here and there for the late afternoon. That will make for fun driving...Well, at least it's not a Friday afternoon!

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  1. Maybe if we all keep our fingers crossed, they can get Sweet Mama back on track and you'll have clear dry driving conditions. Hoping for the best for both of you tomorrow.