Friday, July 10, 2009


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This week has been a little hectic and all...being that it was Sweet Mama's first full week of radiation. It got better every day, so that is a good thing! The other problem I have been having is that Beau is waking me up every morning around 3 to 4 am. It is driving me crazy! He has never done it be for now and he is now 6 yrs old! I get up and feed him...just to keep him quiet. He has a big mouth and can be very loud! I don't want him to wake up Sweet Mama! Most days he gets back in the bed and goes back to too! But this morning that just didn't happen! I am so tired! I am trying to poke him and wake him up all afternoon...Anybody got any great ideas?

I can not lock him up or out of my room. That just makes him cry louder! If it was winter it would be different. He doesn't like to be cold. But I can't afford to turn down the ac to icy! He is a very sweet cat and very loving! But he is wearing me out!

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  1. What about putting his food in your room at night and then you don't have to go anywhere. That will keep him quite so Sweet Mama can sleep.

    Actually, food is reinforcing negative behavior and if you can forgo feeding him in the middle of the night he may stop asking. It would be a tricky few nights but it may work! Good Luck