Monday, August 31, 2009

This is my 100 post!

This is my 100 post on my blog! Who have though I would have had 100 things to talk about! Thank goodness for the cats and Skippy! Plus the drama of Sweet Mama's illness...hopefully all of that is behind us!

This photo is of Beau on Sweet Mama's bed. She has a reclinder beside the bed from which she watches TV. The green satin neck pillow was given to her by LB's fiancee a few years ago. Now Beau can not stand THAT LADY.... She smells funny (smokes) and she has a flame thrower (lighter) that makes a weird sound. Every time THAT LADY goes outside to the screened-in porch..Beau is killing himself to get away from her! It is kinda funny to watch. But, needless to say, he LOVES the satin neck pillow she gave Sweet Mama. He jumps up on her bed and falls on top of it. Then rests his head on the pillow and falls out! If he only knew....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100 Sales on Etsy!!

And the winner is....Old World BBQ Style Apron!

I just added this one yesterday and it sold at 12:30 am this morning! To Pennsylvania! Yay 100!!! I opened my shop on January 14 this year and have been working hard ever since! It is A LOT of work..besides the obvious..sewing! But I'm not is fun and I wouldn't have it anyother way! On to the next 100!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost 100 Esty Sales!

I have almost made 100 Etsy sale! I am at 96! Whoo Hoo! Hopefully I will make it by the end of August...See anything you like? This Lovely Lemon Retro Ruffle style is my latest! Free Shipping in the US! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better Day!

Sweet Mama came home from the hospital yesterday! Glad to be back home as I spent the night shift with her every night! It is hard to get any rest in a hospital especially at night...lots of comings and goings. The hospital she was in is a small town, 45 bed place. Her doctor basically has an office in the back yard, so to speak, just behind the hospital. ICU was only 4 beds with the nurses only having 2 patients each! Good quality care!

We went to Atlanta today to see the prosthodontist so Sweet Mama could have her appliance adjusted. It was a great visit...picked up her spirits! The Dr always spends lots of time with her and knows just the right things to say! She feel much better now and more able to face the upcoming challenges before her. Such a relief!

She goes tomorrow for more blood work regarding her kidneys. When she admitted last Thursday she was down to only 7% kidney function! Critical! After the weekend, she is now, pretty much, back to normal and with no kidney damage. The bloodwork tomorrow will give us a better picture.

So things are looking up around here. Pretty soon the shop can get back to normal...I have a bunch of new aprons cut out and waiting to be made...4 more sales from hitting 100 sold! Yea!! It has been A LOT of work but worth it! I don't know what I would have done if I had to have worked a "real job"! I guess everything happens for a reason..but who knew that it would be because Sweet Mama got sick... Now she just needs to get better...we got aprons to sell!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in the Hospital

Sweet Mama is back in the hospital! She had a Home Health nurse come over yesterday to draw blood and give her a bag of fluid. That seemed to make her feel better. She has just been worn out from the radiation treatments. Well this morning I got a call from the nurse at the radiologist oncologist that said Sweet Mama was in renal failure and needed to be admitted to the hospital! That was a shock! Red and I got her to the hospital around 12:30 and she was put into ICU. She has now had more bloodwork drawn and a bag of fluid and potassium is dripping in. She is to be there until at least Monday. I have the night shift and Red has the day. The doctors seem to think that with the fluids she was return to normal with hopefully no damage to her kidneys. Please keep her in your prayers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Season

It has become the birthday season around here! First it was LB's fiancee - July 12, then me - July 23, then Skippy - July 30 and yesterday Red - August 11! It has been party central around here! No really..we just had one celebration while LB was here from Iowa earlier last month. We all opened presents and shared a cake. It was kinda like Christmas except LB (January) and Sweet Mama (April) didn't get a present. :(

Yesterday Red was over here all day and even went to radiation with us. She went home and brought diner back to cook and even bought her own birthday cake. Sad isn't it... On my birthday we had to go to Emory in Atlanta to get Sweet Mama's eye sewn closed again. Sigh... My birthday dinner was eating Chick Fila in the car on the ride home.

So..Red and I have decide that we will celebrate our birthdays Feb 1 next a half birthday celebration. When we were little we always moved in the summertime..usually August ... so we would have a joint birthday party on August 1, before the move (or sometimes even if we weren't moving), with all of our friends. Maybe by February things will be back to normal and we can all go out to dinner and celebrate like we always do!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Latest update on Sweet Mama

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. We are down to the final 6 days of Sweet Mama's radiation treatments! We are all so glad! As many of you know (and some of you don't) Sweet Mama had a rare sinus cancer 4 years ago which was treated with surgery only. It reoccurred this past January and she had more surgery (2) in May at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. This time, after the surgeries, it was decided that she had to have radiation treatments...33 to be exact! The past week it has been harder on Sweet Mama. Radiation drains all of your strength and makes you very tired. It gets worse as the days go on. Yesterday she tried to have a fainting spell. That was scary! She has lost about 10+ pounds since we started the treatments around the first of July, almost 30 total since the surgeries...she doesn't need to lose any more. The good news is that once the treatments end, she will regain her strength and appetite. Because she is having radiation to her head, her tongue and throat are sore and a little swollen. It is very hard to eat and to get calories! Hopefully, when this is all over, we will eat ice cream and drink milkshakes every day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skippy's Birthday!

Thursday was Skippy's 15th birthday! We had a nice little mini party with cake! It was very good!! It has been very raining around here. Don't get me wrong..we need the rain. It's just hot and rainy now! Bad for the new driver...

If you drive over soon he will be glad to show you his learner's permit and offer to take you for a ride your own car! Just let me know!!