Monday, August 31, 2009

This is my 100 post!

This is my 100 post on my blog! Who have though I would have had 100 things to talk about! Thank goodness for the cats and Skippy! Plus the drama of Sweet Mama's illness...hopefully all of that is behind us!

This photo is of Beau on Sweet Mama's bed. She has a reclinder beside the bed from which she watches TV. The green satin neck pillow was given to her by LB's fiancee a few years ago. Now Beau can not stand THAT LADY.... She smells funny (smokes) and she has a flame thrower (lighter) that makes a weird sound. Every time THAT LADY goes outside to the screened-in porch..Beau is killing himself to get away from her! It is kinda funny to watch. But, needless to say, he LOVES the satin neck pillow she gave Sweet Mama. He jumps up on her bed and falls on top of it. Then rests his head on the pillow and falls out! If he only knew....


  1. what a sweet photo..thank you for the birthday wishes!

  2. aw what a cutie! she looks very comfy!