Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better Day!

Sweet Mama came home from the hospital yesterday! Glad to be back home as I spent the night shift with her every night! It is hard to get any rest in a hospital especially at night...lots of comings and goings. The hospital she was in is a small town, 45 bed place. Her doctor basically has an office in the back yard, so to speak, just behind the hospital. ICU was only 4 beds with the nurses only having 2 patients each! Good quality care!

We went to Atlanta today to see the prosthodontist so Sweet Mama could have her appliance adjusted. It was a great visit...picked up her spirits! The Dr always spends lots of time with her and knows just the right things to say! She feel much better now and more able to face the upcoming challenges before her. Such a relief!

She goes tomorrow for more blood work regarding her kidneys. When she admitted last Thursday she was down to only 7% kidney function! Critical! After the weekend, she is now, pretty much, back to normal and with no kidney damage. The bloodwork tomorrow will give us a better picture.

So things are looking up around here. Pretty soon the shop can get back to normal...I have a bunch of new aprons cut out and waiting to be made...4 more sales from hitting 100 sold! Yea!! It has been A LOT of work but worth it! I don't know what I would have done if I had to have worked a "real job"! I guess everything happens for a reason..but who knew that it would be because Sweet Mama got sick... Now she just needs to get better...we got aprons to sell!!

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