Friday, February 26, 2010

I need you HELP!

My Enchanted Forest BBQ Style Apron (see above) is featured today in a contest where the top 10 winners will be featured on a cool blog for the month of March! The Handmade Gift Guide is a cool blog. There are lots of talented Etsy artisans featured today..and I am so happy to be included! It would be such a great way to get my aprons seen by so many people...this blogs has a lot of followers. I found her through Facebook fanpages...there are a lot of fanpages of cool Etsy shops.
Please check out the blog and VOTE! The link is attached below! There is a bar on the righthand side with a list of shops that you can click on to vote (my shop is down at the bottom of the list)
Thank you so much for voting! Remember you only get one vote!