Saturday, February 20, 2010

SPRING is almost here!!

It was such a beautiful day here in Middle Georgia!!! 65 degrees and sunny! A far cry from last weekend's snow. So I took advantage of the nice day and went outside to do so pruning! I cut back 2 crepe myrtles and pulled up 3 bushes of some kind that were planted around the mailbox. I don't really know what they were but I know I didn't like them. While I was there I noticed this!! The bulbs are growing! I have no idea what they are either because each year the grow but never bloom... But every year I am always so proud and hopeful they will make it! Last year they sprouted up only to be killed by our ONLY snow day of the whole year...March 1st!

So this year I am still hopeful but know that winter is not over yet! But if they make you will see it here first!!

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