Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Baby has Issues

This is Beau...the Baby! He is 5 (or 6 or so). He showed up on my front porch in 2004. Bella (she was 2 at the time) said she LOVED him and we must keep him. So we asked around and no one claimed him so we kept him. Then he had a few little operations and is here to stay! Very sweet! Loves Bella! Is a lap cat! Very playful! Chatty! Needy! Has issues!!

He has been fixed but he sprays...lots of cats in the neighborhood. Bella likes to make new friends but he is a bit jealous... I have taken him to the vet and put him on some kind of medicine but it does not work...just makes him dopey. I don't want to drug him but the meds that he was given put him in a coma and wears off just in time for dawn and the peeing begins again! I read here online that vets now recommend Prozac...anybody heard about that?

He is so loving and sweet ...just has this one problem. I can't keep covering every piece of furniture in tinfoil...Any suggestions?


  1. is there a spray for this? i know for scratching, ive used those sticky pads on furniture (they are clear)...cant remember the name of them! But maybe that would help him stay away?

  2. I thought once fixed they no longer sprayed...who knew!

  3. Because he was found I think I got him fixed too young. They say if fixed too soon they will spray! :(

  4. As for spray..there is Feliway but it doesn't work..at least not for him!