Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beau Update

Here is the latest update on Beau! When I took him to the vet Friday before last I was told that he needed to have his teeth cleaned. He has Gingivitis and because of the plaque one of his teeth was loose and probably needed to be pulled! Bella had to have her teeth cleaned a few years back and she did fine so I figured it was good for Beau to have his done too. I took him early Tuesday morning and left him for the day. He had 4 days of Prozac...

When I picked him up I had to meet with the vet to discussed his treatment. He had to have 2 teeth pulled because the roots had degraded and he has antibiotics he has to take twice a day but no Prozac for now! He was acting strangely in his carrier while we were at the vet...kinda bobbin and ducking, like a prizefighter. After arriving home, I took him out of the carrier and his back end would not work. He just pulled himself forward with his front paws. Not really over the anesthesia!

He hid under the bed all evening and night not eating or drinking. That lasted through the next day. When he walked around the house he was limping...sad. They gave him a shot in his leg to put him too sleep..but because of the Prozac he had to have a little more so that meant 2 shots!

Wednesday he seemed to be a little better. I let him out on the screen porch with Bella in the evening and next thing I know....I was breaking up a cat fight! He had turned on Bell, who have flattened herself on the floor.

Now keep in mind they are best friends! They sleep together, eat together, play and just hang out all day. This was very upsetting to Bella and me! So I separated everybody and put him in my room...where he promptly got under the bed! When I woke up the next morning, Thursday, he was standing by the back door ready to go out on the porch again! He still was not eating or drinking...that I could tell. But by Friday morning he seemed to be even better and decided to have a snack! Now he is just slightly limping.

So as you can see, it has been very busy around here! Every day he is getting better and is just taking a while! Hopefully he will be cured by Monday! Maybe then he will have forgotten about peeing on everything and will not need the Prozac!

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  1. Poor baby...I'm so sorry he is not feeling well...hug him for me ;-)