Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Squirrely

This morning was so cool and nice out on the porch! Sweet Mama and I had our cup of coffee out there...enjoying the cool relief from the heat. It has been so hot here in Middle Georgia! You would have thought that it was August!!

While we were chillin'...painting our toenails. Squirrely came up for his breakfast!. I had my camera sitting right beside me just in case he showed up! He did and starting gnawing away. Notice his technique! Always keeping his feet on the top post. Such a talent! He ate for a little while and then bounced away! I think he went to tell his friends about the "New Buffet" because pretty soon another squirrel came up. Now this one was a little heaver than Squirrely. He slipped off the fence on his approach, scared himself, climbed a tree and then cautiously came back. By now the sun had rose higher and he was eating in the light. (Great photo opportunity!) Notice how he is hanging from the top of the post with both feet. I think he was still a little afraid of falling again!

He had a very small snack and was off again.

This was very entertaining to all of us. The cats could not figure out where the sound was coming from and never really saw either squirrel.

Check out the corn!!

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