Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pre-Radiation Visit

Sweet Mama began her journey through radiation this morning. Like this picture, she is standing on the rocks getting ready to start across the river. Preparing to make this journey, she went to the radiologist today.

She had to be fitted with a mesh mask that fits over and molds to her face. It is used to keep her head still and to mark the guides for the rays of radiation needed for her treatment. She also had to have a CT scan while in this mask. Because her cancer in in her head, she had to have an appliance made by the prosthodontist in Atlanta. This will be worn everytime she has treatment. Our appointment only lasted about 30 minutes and was over before she knew it. The people there were so nice! She felt very relieved in the process and reassured that it would be easier than she thought!

So today was a good day! Tomorrow we will get a call telling us when the radiation will begin, some time next week. It is to last 28 visits, 5 days a week to equal 6 weeks. We feel ready, willing and able!

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