Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's too HOT!

It is too hot here in Middle Georgia!! Today it hit almost 100 degrees with a heat index over 102! They said on the news that it is hotter here than in Florida!!! That's just not right... It jumped straight into the middle of summer when summer doesn't start until tomorrow!
Took Sweet Mama for a ride today and she said that it is supposed to cool off next week...down to the mid 90's! Not ready for all this heat so soon. It seems like August instead of June. I like it better when we ease into to the heat..that way you don't notice it so much.
And did you hear us hollerin' a little while ago? We had a ton of ants covering the stove and counters.. Sweet Mama was tearing the burners off and I was picking and moving all the stuff on the counters. i don't know where they came from... but I think I won!! Cleaned up all the bodies and sprayed outside around all the windows. I still feel like an ant or two is still on my arm...
So I am going to close my eyes and think about sitting on the dock above...It's Moon River in Savannah. Family reunion next month there....maybe we can go for the weekend... AHHH killed two more ants. Will it ever end?

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