Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Better Day

After a whirlwind day yesterday, of expected and unexpected doctor's appointments, Sweet Mama, Red and I made it back home. The ride from Atlanta was nice and easy. The doctors were very positive and Sweet Mama was feeling much better by the time we got home. Much better ending to a day that started a little rough. Sweet Mama has had a time recovering from the anesthesia. It didn't help that she had 2 surgeries in less than 3 weeks! Hopefully every day will be a little better than the last!

We have been spending more and more time on the back porch now that Skippy and I cleaned and vacuumed. Red's family (minus Kojak) came over and visited last night. And this evening Skippy and Red came back! Beau has taken a liking to the recliner, especially at naptime. Well , Skippy plopped down while Beau was trying to nap. Both would not give an inch! The result was this! Beau was slowly sliding down the recliner as Skippy would lean back. His face got closer and closer to the edge!

Until finally he gave up and left! Not in an angry or mad way...just like "OK I'm tired of this...yawn...hmm.. this other chair looks nice and comfy!" A relaxing and quiet day for healing!

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