Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Long Week

It has been a long week... First Sweet Mama and I went to Atlanta to see her prosthodontist and surgeon. Her eye has been giving her a fit, it is sagging and she could not close it all the way. So the surgeon referred over to a ocular plastics doctor. He saw us that afternoon and decided to sew her eye shut until she finishes radiation. Not what we had planned for that day! But her eye is feeling better now, although she looks like a rock star!

Wednesday we all went to meet the radiation doctor. Red went too! They were very nice and kind! Sweet Mama seemed pleased with the meeting and felt very informed. We go back in a week.

On Thursday, around 4pm, Sweet Mama called me into her room for something to drink. Then she said she wasn't feeling well, then she could not talk to me...We had to call 911 and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance! Red rode with her and they both were disappointed that they did not use the lights or sirens. They thought that if you have to pay the money for the ambulance ride you should at least get the full experience! I think she was dehydrated and was having a reaction to one of the medicines she was given on Monday. We were there until this afternoon.
I am so tired! I have spent 2 nights in the hospital with her, and boy are they noisy at night! It is hard to get a good night's sleep with so many people barging in all hour of the night!

So now, we are home and she is resting in her own bed. We go back to Emory on Monday to see everyone. And then back to the radiation drs on Thursday to start again! I think this time it is going to be more challenging than the last time four years ago. But I know we will get through it! It will just take more time and effort and prayers!

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