Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Little Bird That Could

Yesterday evening after Sweet Mama and I got home from the visitation, we decided to sit out on the back screened-in porch. We had changed our clothes, had some Chick-fil-a and were just reminiscing.
I had re-potted a geranium that Squirrely had tried to dig to China in, the middle of course, and had moved it under the trees out of the heat. It was starting to get dark so I thought I needed to move it out for some sunshine in the morning. I went out and put it beside my patio tomatoes (see above..but now there are two side by side!). About that time I noticed something in the corner of the was a little bird. I ran back in the house (keep in mind that I am a city girl living in rural Georgia) and looked through the protection of the screen. The bird was just sitting there, not moving. I had been so close that I could have touched him/her! It sat there for a long time..we both just looking at it. Then suddenly it moved! Robins had come into the yard for some snacks and the baby bird saw them. It moved around the pot to the front backyard edge, trying to fly every now and again but could not get any lift. One of the robins saw it and came up into the cherry tree just a chirping. The baby bird tried to jump into the next planter right beside it, but fell to the ground. It then hopped out into the backyard...the older bird landed near it. The baby hopped up to the other bird. The older bird looked like it smelled him...the hopped a little away. The baby bird hopped toward it, it moved a little away. It was like the older bird was leading it away from the house. We watched as long as we could but it started to get dark...the lightning bugs were out!
So we left them there..I am hoping the baby finally found out how to fly and is happily winging his way around the neighborhood!!

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  1. hey there!! nice blog...don't you just love watching birds ? I found you on the Etsy blog forum..will be following ;-) Nice to find a fellow 'Apronologist'