Monday, June 1, 2009


Ahhh...Summer break! School is out and time for fun...right? Skippy hangs out over here every summer. You see, Skippy doesn't like to be bored so he bikes over every morning to Camp KK. Camp KK has been open for many years, only closed one summer! Once a few years back I had both Skippy and Precious, but now it is just Skippy. Today's goal was to clean off the screened in porch. It was full of spider webs, pollen and cat hair. So we got to work and started scrubbing!

Skippy pulled out all the chairs and washed them down. He also vacuumed the entire porch. We wiped things down and straightened up!

Finished just in time for a late lunch with Sweet Mama! We dined on the porch enjoying the beautiful day!

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