Monday, June 29, 2009

An Update on the Adventures of Squirrely

Squirrely, hmmm what has he been up to now??!! Not much has been happening lately. It's been so hot..but the other day I saw him looking for a snack. Next thing I knew, he had decided to eat some of my geraniums that were hanging on the fence. URRR.. So I moved them and had to replant the pot. I moved a fern over in it's place which should be safe! Maybe...

Now that he is now coming over for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I needed a!! My brother gave us a squirrel feeder from Iowa after Sweet Mama and I were there last summer visiting. He has one in his front yard of his new house. You could sit in the living room and watch them eat. Pretty cool! This is an Iowa Squirrel.He looks a little different from our southern grey squirrels. Must be the snow! Check out the tail!

The feeder came with two ears of pre-pressed corn. The first ear I put out during the winter...which was a bad idea! It seemed to melt with each rainstorm. So I thought, now that it is summer, let's try again! I decided to put it out on the fence where the geranium had been (or close to it!)
So it sat there for a day or two until Saturday..success!! He found it and started snacking! It is pretty hard but you can hear him just a chewing on it! The porch is probably 20 feet away from the fence. Which means I can see him...but he can see me! It took me a few days to get this shot! But he loves it and has been back snacking ever since! Squirrely is quite an acrobat! He feet never left the top of the fence the whole time he was eating!!
I guess I need to get some more Iowa corn!!

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