Friday, June 5, 2009

Remembering Mia

Today is a very sad day! Today Mia died of mysterious circumstances. Mia was my brother-in-law Kojak's cat. He is deployed out of country for a year. While he was away he decided to adopt a cat from his temporary home. She was cat number Two as number One was not very friendly. Keep in mind that Kojak has always been a dog person, so this cat thing was a little tricky to get the hang of. Cat number One quit. Cat number Two moved in last December and was named Mia. After a little "getting to know you" lessons, a loving friendship began. There were a few problems in the beginning. She started howling and being very unhappy. Kojak took her to the local vet and, with a translator, found out that although she had been fixed, she still had her ovaries. In this country they do not remove them because the cat would suffer from brittle bones... Who knew! She got some birth control pills or hormones and made it through.

Kojak came home last week for Precious' graduation. He left Sunday for a conference in some European country for the week. He was to return today to his post. I had an email forwarded to me this morning telling me the sad news. Mia had died sometime during the day. She had been acting a little oddly when the girl keeping her went to work. The girl thought Mia was okay but that she would check on her later. When she got home, Mia was dead. No problems while in her keep...eating, drinking, sleeping was all normal until today. Very sad. We are all hoping Kojak will get another cat as he is there until December. When he leaves the cat will immigrate to the US with him.

So say a little prayer for Mia. She was very sweet and loved by the whole family. They met her while visiting last Christmas. She will be missed.

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