Monday, August 8, 2011

What reminds you of 7th grade?

These do!! I used to make a gazillion of these back in the day! We had to have the loom for Mrs. Puckett 7th grade Home Ec class. The boys in Shop made them and the girls bought them for their class. I wish I could remember who made mine...I hope he continued woodworking because mine has held up great!!

I had a friend ask me if I could make some for her mom. After I saw what she wanted I KNEW that I could...if I could just find the loom. You know... I do keep everything!

My things have been packed up in the back storage house or in the attic or in the garage for 6 years now. The good news was... I knew I was coming up here for awhile so I labeled and listed all contents of each box. I know..sounds a little obsessive but over the years I have been able to find most of what I have been searching for!

So I got to work moving boxes out of the little house in the backyard and sorting through them (Good thing there was a church attic sale this last weekend)! Finally in box #18 I found it!! It has been SOOO much fun making these and remembering good times of "back in the day"! I even have a set now in the shop here

Best $5 I ever spent!


  1. hey..numbering and labeling each and every box is a great idea...i'm just not that disciplined...wish i was.
    those are very dainty and sweet!

  2. So pretty! I remember making potholders on those spiked metal looms...what fun.

    Janet xox