Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Think I am Addicted...

I can't believe I am having so much fun!! This old loom has been revived with new ideas. I have been making new combos and patterns every afternoon. It is too hot in the kitchen where my sewing table and shop this are. The afternoon sun beats in and heats it up very fast. It has been a hot summer with temps in the upper 90 to 100s. So after lunch I retreat to the living room and do some weaving or make casserole carriers. Here are the latest!!

Aren't they cute?!! I love the Christmas and Halloween ones!

Doesn't the black in the fringe look like spider legs?

This is the last one made. Thinking ahead to Cherry Blossom time!! There are so many colors and combination that the possibilities are endless! Can't wait to see what I come up with this afternoon!

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  1. I have done a lot of these. Yours looks like you are doing the knots upside down or something. The thread that makes the knots should start in the center and work outward, in a spiral. The knots are not started on the top and done in lines with the fringe left there.

    1. I wanna know how to make these without the fringe please.