Friday, November 11, 2011

I almost missed Fall!

Fall has finally come to Middle Georgia! Last night it when down to 32 degrees...a little chilly since it has been warm during the day. But I am ready for some cold weather!!

I have been a little under the weather for the last few weeks. I had to have a root canal 2 weeks ago and had a reaction to the antibiotics. Not a good week. And I am working one day a week AND had to babysit Skippy overnight a couple of nights this week. whew...did I mention my Esty shop has gotten busy too?! I have almost forgotten to enjoy the season.

Because of my tooth/med problem I had to skip Halloween this favorite holiday. A very sad day. We only had one decoration out and it was inside. Normally we deck out the house and yard like this!

But after the loss of my cousin in September and then my tooth... this did not happen. I laid in the bed with the lights off with the blinds closed. I felt like I was hiding from Halloween.

When I finally started feeling better I looked out the screened porch and was surprised! My mum from last year was blooming!! Sweet Mama stuck it in a planter last Fall and I guess it liked it and flourished!
I know it is not the prettiest, but it made it through the year!! And you know, I got to thinking, if you persevere you can make it through anything. You might be a little bedraggled but you still look pretty!

After it stops blooming I think I am going to cut it back and see how it does. Who knows, maybe it will come back next year!! I even made an apron that reminded me of it. What do you think? I mixed it with a coordinating fabric that has circles all over it. You can see more here.
I got the fabric at my new part time job at Hancock Fabrics. Yes, I broke down and got a j-o-b. But taxes on the condo are due and I need a little more cash flow. I only work one night a week but I get a discount on things for the shop. I think it is a win/win situation for everyone!

So now it's back to work in the shop. I am making new aprons and adding everyday, not to mention filling orders. Look for more Plus Size aprons and maybe a new potholder style or two!

I see inspiration everywhere, don't you?!

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  1. Hello Katy,

    So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I hope you are on the mend now. So glad your Etsy shop has been busy with orders...that's such a good thing.

    Love the 'Mum' apron, it looks just like the flowers! Fun colors.

    A discount on fabric....that sounds like a great deal!

    Our nights are getting very chilly also...28 last night.

    Hugs to Mom!

    Janet xox