Friday, January 8, 2010

And the Answer is...

NO SNOW! We got nothing...
except for a touch of sleet and, if there was a flake or two, I didn't see it. But I'm not really surprised. If it is going to snow it usually happens in February or March. So I can still hope to see it later in the year.

I went with Skippy, Red and Sweet Mama on the last two school spring breaks...First to The Mall of America in Minnesota and last year to The Biltmore House in Asheville NC. Both times we saw snow. The tree was outside of our hotel in Minneapolis, the other is the parking lot in Asheville.

This year Skippy and I are trying to pick a snow destination for this year...Any suggestions?


  1. we get snow in Idaho up thre June! June I tell ya, being from the South and wearing shorts in April - I still put all our winter stuff up and bring out all the spring/summer stuff out in April just for it to SNOW! Hmph.

  2. Try Montana...fabulously state and almost guaranteed to see snow ;-)