Sunday, April 18, 2010

The latest in Middle GA

I know it has been a while since my last post. Sorry. I have been busy...I am now up to 518 sold! I have been so distracted...with keeping up with orders and driving Sweet Mama and Skippy where they need to go. Sweet Mama has 2 functions she attends every week, Wednesday and Friday mornings, all in Macon (20 mins away) Each lasts an hour or so and then they all go out to eat. So I take her, drop her off and come some then wait for the call and go get her. When we get home we take a nap...did I mention I am being awakened every morning around 5 am by Beau? But that is another post, yawn (today was actually 4:46 am)! After my short nap I usually receive a phone call from Skippy asking me to drive him to the fire station. He is now a Fire Fighter with the Exployer Group, part of the Boy Scouts. He has fire gear and gets to help out at the county fire department. He loves it! Wants to go every day. Which means I get to drive him...everyone else is still at work. It's fine by me but on Wednesdays and Fridays it makes for a busy day!

He's going to get me for this one...made me promise not to post these on Facebook. This is not it? ;)

Check out the serious look!

This is serious stuff...protecting lives and property!

Plus it's real fun!!

More to come!!

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  1. Happy you are so busy...;-) Tell your guy I'm proud of him!