Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eagle Watching

Sweet Mama and I have been watching the Decorah Eagles in Decorah, Iowa! It is a nest with three babies being cared for by mama and daddy! We found out about it through LB who is a news anchor in Waterloo, Iowa. The station website had a link and we clicked and can't stop watching! The babies were born 4/3, 4/6 and 4/9. It is mesmerising to watch how the parents care for their young! The cameras (there are 2) are trained on the nest 24/7. The night view is infrared so it doesn't bother them. Here is the link so you can watch too!

Here are more pics!

The tallest in Junior, the one to the right is Rickie and the smallest is Baby! Sweet Mama named them...She said the parents names are Richard and Amy. Just so you know. ;)

This is Amy this morning! She is usually with the babies all night and Richard take the dayshift!

I wish I could make the pictures bigger and not so blurry but I took them off Facebook. Notice below her is a little stream. They eat alot of fish. This morning for breakfast we had fish and squirrel...

The Facebook page is here

I tell you, you can't stop watching! They will leave the nest in about 2 months or so...80 days from 1st hatching. I hope I can get some work done in between now and then. I don't know...the are just so cute!!

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