Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello friends!

I sorry I have been missing for a bit. It has been a very busy Mother's Day season!

And to add to that I have been having a 10% off sale in the shop to celebrate Sweet Mama's birthday, which was April 8. She turned 75! So I have been sewing my little fingers to the bone to keep up with all the orders~ Now I'm not complaining...I'm happy to be busy!

But it has kept me from finding time to write...

So what has been going on with me...

Well, I have added Plus Size BBQ aprons to the shop which have been very popular! I also had a request for a Ruffle Apron in Plus Size. It turned out cute, so that is coming soon!

Also have a new Duet...Love it! Don't you!

It is called Romance...I did have a Ruffle like this too...I need to make another!

Tomorrow is a busy day. It's time for the annual power washing of the screen porch! It is covered in pollen and cat hair so everything must be deep cleaned and then replaced!

Quite an all day affair!!

Yes EVERYTHING must come out and be cleaned!

And I have flowers to plant! Another Gerber daisy to add to the collection!

And a new Knock Out rose to add to the front bed. I would have taken a pic to show but it has gotten dark! So I will share tomorrow with the finished product! (the color for the day is yellow!)

The first flower on this post is my mum from last fall!

It has decided to return...but it is not too pretty. See...
A little frazzled and stalky, but blooming and determined to persevere...just like me!!

So I promise to write more often...once I get my chores done! :)

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