Friday, March 2, 2012

New and Improved

Hi Friends!

I know I have been missing for awhile.... First, let me say, thank you for a GREAT anniversary sale!! I sold a bunch and made it to 1500 sales!

After the sale my brother LB came to visit from Iowa for a week. It was great weather the mid 70's! Even Beau was happy to see "that girl". You know that they have had a contentious relationship, as she invades HIS screened-in porch all the time. I'm trying to teach him how to share but that's not going any where. Don't tell her but he is happy she has left...

Next I had two,...count them two, bad colds!! I hadn't been sick in years and then two. really...? I hate being sick. And now Sweet Mama has the Shingles! She had the vaccine but got them anyway. It is a light case and hasn't been painful, just very itchy! We got to the doctor right away and hopefully have everything under control...just have to let it run it's course!

In the meantime, I have been working to come up with a new apron. I had a customer want one to fit a size 4x so we worked together to "make it work"! It is adjustable and has longer waist ties. I added two the shop yesterday and one sold! Here is the one still available!! Now I just have to finish the pile on the cutting table and get them listed. If only it would stop raining so I can get pictures!!

So how have you been??

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