Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Field Trip!!

Yesterday I took the day off and went on a field trip! Well, actually, it was a road trip with Skippy and my cousin's daughter who is visiting from Florida. She is here in Middle Georgia visiting with her grandparents until the weekend. Skippy and I have been talking for awhile now about going over to Warm Springs to see the Little White House. With H. here, we decided now was the perfect time...what better way to get away from old people than a field trip?!

Warm Springs is only about an hour away... on a nice new 4 lane road with no traffic... almost the whole way! Skippy was hoping to drive but, alas, that was not to be! We left about 9:30 and with one detour we were there!!

The Little White House

Franklin D. Roosevelt built this house in 1932, before he was president, for him to be closer to the springs that were said to cure Polio. It is not very big but very interesting inside. Houses were smaller back then. This one had a kitchen, butler's pantry, two bedrooms and a living room on the first floor. I took a few photos!

FDR's Bedroom

The window is a door to the living room and I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom. The bathroom divides the space between his room and Eleanore's.

Eleanore and the Kids Bedroom

This room was used for Eleanore and some of the kids when they were there. Eleanore did not come very often!

Servants Quarters

The little windows on the top floor was were where the cook and the valet and his wife lived. There are two tiny bedrooms, a bathroom (with a toilet and sink only) and a living area.

Below is a two car garage...with large windows! Here's the cook's room!!

This is the Guest House!! I liked this one the best but could not get any pictures inside because people were in the way! It has a beautiful living room with a stone fireplace, one bedroom and a bathroom. So cute!! I can't wait to go back! Maybe I can get a picture then!

After a look around the museum and gift shop we headed out to the Pools.

We had to drive there but it was worth it! These massive pools are drained now but once a year (Labor Day weekend) they are filled for the public to enjoy for a cost of $20 apiece per adult. This also has a museum...with an iron lung! An eye-opener for my little group!

Once outside we were able to walk down into the middle pool to a fountain trough that had spring water flowing in it! The guide said for us to place our hands in the water and wait a few minutes before taking them out. When we did our skin was so soft! So were these people's skin!!

I can't imagine what swimming in it would feel like...Skippy thinks we need to go online are buy our tickets now for Labor Day! We will see!

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  1. What a live near FDR's private getaway (Eleanor rarely visited) and I am from Hyde Park the location of
    Valkill, Eleanor's private getaway (FDR rarely visited)...very interesting relationship those two had. Thanks for the tour.