Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have been watching the TV lately while I work... It brings great sadness to me.

I was in Mobile, Alabama a few years back for work. We had some free time so I decided to go out to Dauphin Island and see the beach. I took with me a girl from Montana who had never seen the Gulf. It was a little chilly but so pretty. We went to the West end of the island and walked on the beach. Being an East Coast girl I had never really seen the Gulf from this vantage point. My grandparents lived on the west coast of Florida, around Sarasota, so we always went there. It is so different. I had never seen oil rigs on the horizon before. Here at Dauphin Island they were right there. I remember thinking at the time that how sad it was to have that blocking the view.

We walked the beach going our own separate ways. I started snapping away with my camera.

There was damage from Katrina still there. Houses were being rebuilt. Businesses were coming back.
We had so much fun! It was so nice to get away to such a calming place. Sad now to think that greed and oil will destroy the beauty and way of life. I feel helpless. I don't want to think that these are the last clean images I have from there.

Please pray with me for the Gulf and that a solution is found soon!!


  1. I grew up in Mobile and 5yrs ago moved to PNW. Yes, the rigs are RIGHT THERE. If ya ever go back, I doubt you would go into the water around D.I. - if ya ever saw footage of teh water from a helicopter.....those waters are full of sharks!

    This oil leak is my Katrina...yes, I have friends and family that are still having to deal with the problem Katrina caused, but sitting and watching and waiting to see the damage the oil causes....sad.

  2. oh so pretty. yes this needs fixed.