Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Our "Winter Event" has happened! We woke up to what looked like snow with sleet falling! The weather people say that this is ice not snow... Looks like snow to me but crunchy when you step on it. Here is what it looks like!

Skippy has been having a fun time! Showed up this am ready to frolic! He is our one man snow/ice removal crew! Although he did get a little distracted!!

There ice everywhere! I can't even get into the backyard.

The gate latch is frozen with ice and the back door from the porch is too!

They say that it is supposed to melt a bit and then refreeze. But the good news is that it's going to be 45 degrees tomorrow! So before it is gone...enjoy some of my pics!

Just heard from LB..soome of my pics are going to be featured on the weather segment on KWWL in Waterloo, IA! Thanks bro!!

Meanwhile I'll hum some more Vanilla Ice...Word to yo mother!

A bird's nest waiting for Spring!

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