Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Latest!

This is what I did on Thursday! I made this cute wristlet!! I have 2 cousins that are turning 14 next week...Actually they are my cousins kids but who is counting?! I am going to send each one a wristlet to test drive for me. I am thinking of adding them to the shop!

This one was fairly easy to make...only a slight confusion on some of the instructions but I figured it out! Here is the inside ~

I love the credit card slots on the flap! But as you can see I had to topstitch the edge so that the cards would not fall out! Don't know if I will carry my cards there but coupons fit just fine! I am really enjoying it...I have carried it ever since Friday. Of course I had to do a little editing with all the junk I carry around...but who need all that crap anyway! It was just weighing me down! It has a divided pocket which is great!

I got the pattern from The Crochet Diva back in July. Finally I have gotten around to making it! Her wristlets have more contrast than mine. I wanted a more solid purse that would go with anything. She has some cute sewing patterns! Check it out!

Off to go make 2 wristlets! Let you know what happens and how they turn out!

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