Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Cherry Blossom Time!

It's Cherry Blossom Time here in Middle Georgia!! The Cherry Blossom Festival began last weekend in Macon and lasts until this Sunday. They call it the Pinkest Party on Earth! This year the trees seemed like they were going to bloom early. Spring came sooner than normal. But they waited like they should and bloomed just in time!

Just a reminder of the life so far of my cherry it is when it was just 1 year old in 2007. No blooms...look how young Skippy is...

Now it is taller than the house...and only 5 years old!! They say it has to get older before it has more blooms... I wish I hadn't planted it so close to the porch...but the porch wasn't there yet! I did plant a new one last year during Cherry Blossom time! Hopefully it will grow just as just big!

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  1. Beautiful...ours just got snowed on ;-<

    Janet xox