Friday, March 26, 2010

The Cherry Blossom Festival and Tour! Part 1

Yesterday I took the afternoon off to enjoy The Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, GA. I had a few orders to finish but a girl needs time off every now and then. Plus I knew they would be waiting on me when I got back!

Sweet Mama and I went to Central City Park in downtown Macon where the fair part of the festival takes place. That's where the rides and fair food well as all of the vendors. They say that The Cherry Blossom is the largest festival in the US ... it lasts two weeks. We have more cherry trees than Washington, DC! People come from all over to see the beautiful trees.

We got our tickets and made our way to the bus. It was a charter bus full of senior citizens. WE ahd people from Iowa, New York, Alabama, North Carolina...and many more. I was one of the youngest ones on the bus...if you can believe it! We had a guide that rode with us telling all the inside scoop on the town and festival plus a few bad jokes!

Now... I moved here when Sweet Mama was first diagnosed with her sinus cancer. I got here two days before the surgery and jumped into the role of caregiver right away. So I had no knowledge of the history of Macon...

Sweet Mama wanted me to take the tour...her side of the family is from this part of Georgia. Dad's is from Savannah and I know the history there! So I was up for it, as long as the weather held out and the trees cooperated! They have the festival preset with the dates every year. So some years the trees are blooming and some years they are not. This year we finally got around to going! The trees begain to bloom Tuesday and Wednesday of this week...and it wasn't raining...yet!
Here is our afternoon!

I noticed in the above photo, when I downloaded it to the computer, that the above vendor is selling "Pot Roast Sundaes"! Who knew... Never got to it due to delays...but more on that later.

From there we when to the Woodruff House and took the tour of it! It sits on top of a large hill that over looks Macon.

Here is the view!
And our bus...Yep we drove up like we owned the place!

Check out the front door. This was all I could get because it was open. It was only a single door not a double...

Here are a few of the room. Notice the single beds...Sweet Mama has those beds since she was 12 years old! These are spool beds hand-carved by slaves...the spools look like spools of thread. Sweet Mama's are reproductions but still just as beautiful!

The house has three floors but we were only allowed on two. The third floor is considered attict and where the servants lived. Don't you just love this spiral staircase. It had a beautiful window at the top but it didn't show up in this picture!

Now on to the trees!

Part two coming next!

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