Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Additions

Here's the latest additions to my Esty shop! I whipped them up today but not before the sun when down. Hence the picture on the ironing board! I've got a few more designs to make...even a microwave oven potholder which is so cute!

Today was a busy day. I had to take Sweet Mama to see her Radiation drs for a 6mos checkup. They were pleased with how she is doing. She had a MRI last Thursday at Emory in Atlanta and we are still waiting on the final results. Our surgeon wanted the radiaologists to take a final look at it since we saw him that day also. So we are waiting...although he even said it looked good. You know, the waiting part is so hard. Hopefully we will hear from him tomorrow.'

After we saw the doctor I had a few errands to run and then back to sewing! I got my old sewing machine back from the repair man the other day and it is perfect for sewing through thick things! Plus I love it!! So I decided to whip up these potholders for the shop! Sweet Mama thinks I need to add more things since the shop name is Aprons and MORE. She keeps asking where is the More? Well here is something...(I'm having a hard time typing because Beau is in my lap. He has gotten better but is so needy...I better go for now!) More pictures to come!!


  1. Always listen to sweet Mama!!! Love the pot holders. I bought some of that insulated batting awhile ago..maybe I'll look for it and give some hot pads a go. Yours are beautiful!!!!

  2. Thanks for that lovely Irish of my favorites!