Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke up to find this in the front yard! The crime scene was only limited to these few pine trees...Those guys must be baseball players 'cause it did get pretty high up! I wonder if the perps know that they had the wrong house? Mom and I don't seem to be the type to encourage this type of behavior. I don't think I know anyone who would want to roll this house...the one guy who would, claimed to be 5 hrs away and could prove it! I do seem to remember a time during high school when I was prone to a few incidents myself. But that was long ago...back in the day! ;)

Mom didn't seem too upset over she did 4 years ago when the house was egged. That was a mess! There was egg everywhere...even some that made it over the roof and into the back yard! We had to power wash the house and windows and it still smelled like egg. FYI...We live in a neighborhood that has a few teens living across the street. There was a guy who lived next door but graduated 4 yrs ago...I think he was the intended victim! The street has no street lights and tends to be very dark. Mom has a motion detector on the front porch light...but you have to be sort of close for it to go off. It did scare off the eggers, but not after they threw a dozen eggs. Needless to say we spent the afternoon at Lowe's looking at lights!

So I cleaned up the yard after improvising a new tool the lift the paper off the pine tree limbs. It took about an hour but it was a beautiful day! I had to have Skippy come over and get the ones that were too high for me to reach. When I woke up this morning I slowly peeked out the front window half expecting to see it again but it was clean and pretty. Maybe the rain kept them away.

Ya know, their Mama is going to be pretty ticked off when she finds out that 6 rolls of her top-of-the-line toilet paper is missing! Amateurs...we only used the cheap stuff.


  1. That looks like a mild case...when I lived in Houston in a wealthy area, houses would get much white you could not see the house ...what a mess. Never happened to me boys were musicians, not athletes...musicians are much kinder ;-)

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the waste of paper. I hope you where able to have some that who be useable - at least it makes great additions to compost beds. Hope those kids need TP bad one day and have none - karma...